Why TTO?

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  1. I'm new to DE shaving and have only been using a 34c for a month or so. I really like the clean, minimalist lines and design of this type of razor.

    I don't get why are people into TTO razors. It seems easy enough to switch blades on my 34c, there are fewer moving parts to wear out or corrode and to me the TTO heads just look bulky, clunky and dated (not in a good way).

    Am I missing something?
  2. No.
  3. I don't really care much either way.

    I've personally used a two piece (34C), three piece (R41), and two TTO's (slim adjustable, superspeed.)

    They've all worked well enough for me. The TTO didn't necessarily close completely evenly, but close. Most importantly, they all gave me a good shave. When it all come down to it, TTO or not, it's the shave that matters (to me.)

    Either way, enjoy!
  4. IME the SE TTOs are made better, work better, & thus have less QC issues as their DE brethren.

    Can I get more acronyms in this post? Oh yeah, YMMV!
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    Being all one piece the TTO razors can be a little less fiddly to operate. When you have a blade in one hand, the razor in the other, having the razor break down into several parts can get slightly awkward. Not that it is a really big deal.
  6. Less finger-to-blade contact when changing (since you don't have to screw anything back down) and you can clean (by loosening the head and running under water) without taking the blade out.
  7. +!. that having been said, I love my Futur. If the head were hinged instead of popped off completely, it would be perfect.
  8. Perhaps it's because the toys we received as children with moving parts were almost always better than the toys that had no moving parts?

    Perhaps because you can play with a TTO?

    Perhaps it's because the fingers don't have to be anywhere near the blade to open or close it?

    Perhaps it's because many of us have memories of our fathers or grandfathers using TTOs?

    Perhaps with a TTO there's at least a slight possibility that it will break or get ever so slightly sloppy, resulting in the need for another acquisition?
  9. I prefer non tto myself ,easier to clean
  10. +1
  11. DDH


    I just like them because my dad use to look like he really enjoyed opening that thing and dropping a blade in; And it's easy.
  12. Ive used both the TTOs are so simple no fuss, twist the handle oneway your open and loading twist the other way your closed ! No parts to loose, no stripped threads, the only thing Ive done is wipe it down !
    Enjoy Your Shave!
  13. I enjoy using a TTO razor. Some folks (myself included) think it's just cool using a razor which might be 50+ years old. YMMV
  14. TTO is safer changing the blade but harder getting close under the nose. I like ‘em - a classic look and simple. Also too expensive to produce today. That is why all of the new DE razors are the screw apart style.
  15. I like clever mechanical things,,,,
  16. There are several modern TTO razors, though their quality is often questionable.
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  17. I own both TTO razors and three piece. It makes no difference to me which one I use. I like my vintage open combs and techs which are all three piece.
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    I like TTO razors for all the reasons mentioned, plus my Super Speed gives a milder shave than my Merkur HD.
  19. I love TTO. Being a little older and with a little arthritis in the fingers, TTO makes blade changing simpler. I do use a couple of 3 and 2 piece razors, and couldn't give a big advantage to either in terms of shave quality. That's more a function of the nut behind the blae :).
  20. Its a brilliant simple design and holds up well, just look at all the perfectly functioning gillettes that are more then 50 years old. I use both but you can't deny its quicker and easier to change the blade with a TTO.

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