Why I hate "American Pickers"

Discussion in 'The Barber Shop' started by bmharold, Sep 30, 2012.

How do you feel about American Pickers and their effect on the prices of "antiques"

  1. Definitely blowing prices up.

  2. I can't tell the difference

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  1. Because now everyone thinks they can jack at least 20 dollars onto the price. I use antique equipment a lot of times as a barber I got my DeWitt sanitizer for $40.00 now when I see one they top $100.00 and people want to put them in their bathroom. It's almost heresy. Now everyone is an antiques expert. Pawn Stars is just as bad. What do you guys think?
  2. well..most people need to pay bills and make a profit by doing so...whats entertaining to one person..not so much to another..I like both BTW..as Rick Harrison told a seller in his store "if you wanna go open up your own shop and charge retail, youre more than welcome to do so"..Pawn Stars shop items dont necessarily charge retail for all their items if they want a quick sale
  3. Niles

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    I like "Pickers" but don't like "Pawn Stars". Mike and Frank seem like people I would enjoy being around. The "Pawn Stars" crew, not so much. Also, I just like the idea of "Pickers" better.
  4. The point is that there is a spike in prices. I have nothing against making a profit. The problem is an item that was twenty bucks a year ago is eighty now. I feel a lot of this spike in antiques pricing is because of these shows.
  5. I haven't seen too much of American Pickers but a decent bit of Pawn Stars. The show gets stale really fast but I get a kick out of Chumlee. When someone says the word moron, he is the first thing that comes to my mind.
  6. It's turned antique Stores into places to laugh a high prices. Used be fun places to go! I sure people said the same the after Antiques Roadshow came along... Though that was before my time.
  7. I haven't noticed any spike in prices, or any more awareness than before. Shaving stuff around here was always high--like $25 for a chipped Old Spice mug. And that was four years ago.
  8. prices are dictated directly from what the market will bear. in other words,,, if it is over priced? it wont sell. if it does sell? well, there you go.
  9. maxman

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    I have never watched Pickers nor do I want to.
    Pawn Stars I find amusing though.
  10. But these shows have both been around longer than just the past year, right? So then why the sudden spike in just the past year? I don't think these shows and the price "spike" you've seen are related. Maybe the antique shops in your local area just stink. I still regularly see Gillette DEs for under $10. Of course, then in the same shop, I'll see an Old Type with absolutely zero plating left and a handle cracked from end to end priced at $75. A lot of people still think, "If it's old, it must be worth a lot of money, right?" And these people are antiques dealers. You'd think they of all people would know better than this!!
  11. Phog Allen

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    I think most people catch on that Pickers and Pawn Stars are set up. There is no way one group finds that many virgin sites so consistently. I am convinced the owners of the sites are well compensated in advance for their appearance. My Da owned an antique store for years. You are not getting rich in this business. And prices are cyclical.

    I do think the OP is onto something in that people watch these shows and then have unrealistic expectations. EBay and other online sources have made it possible to put niche pieces directly in front of their targeted buyers. Combined with too convenient depictions on the telly I can see his point. And I feel many of these "collectors" are not really so passionatte about the type of item they collect. They jump on a popularity bandwagon and then drive up prices in aneffort to not be outdone and when they tire of it they magically become collectors of something else. And with utility items like old razors it is easy to do this. When there was no internet no one traveled any distance to buy a razor or vegamatic. Now it comes to you fromanywhere.

    Cheers, Todd
  12. Antique stores are feeling the fallout as well. I talked to a lady who has been in business for years and she is having a hard time buying anything for resale. She said people watch the show and think they are experts.
  13. I think pawn stars and American pickers are a bunch of jerks. They both disgust me in their attitudes and how they say one thing to the persons face and say another on the side cameras.

    The best show that I've seen where integrity and honesty is the core of the business is Cajun Pawn Stars.
  14. I like pawn stars.
  15. Then there is Danielle. I can't put my finger on it, but she does something for me.
  16. More of a fan of Pawn Stars (the original, not Cajun Pawn Start or Hardcore Pawn) as I think the folks there are a bit more honest. The Pickers guys seem a bit more "scammy" to me. It seems the Pawn Star guys will offer you an honest price based on what they think they'll get for something where the Pickers always seem to go way low on price. The Pickers also seem to (in general) use more pressure to make a deal than the Pawn Stars.
  17. I like both Pawn Stars and Pickers. I'm sure some people try to get into the business because of these shows, but I don't think it's easy to make money doing this. I think Pawn Stars and Pickers make more from the TV show then they do from their business. I don't have the numbers but that's my hunch.
  18. Wait 'till they pick some antique razors...then we'll all hate them.
  19. goatee is right about the market; supply and demand. Since there is no longer a "supply" that immediately sets a value. (I'm talking about just razors now) Ever think that this wonderful site might be contributing to the "demand" portion of our economics equation? In just the short time I have been a DE shaver I have seen the prices increase on the bay. I would be willing to bet there might be price increase in vintage razors to membership in shave forums ratio in the wet shaving antiques market.
    Good Ladies and Gentlemen of the B&B, it's our own fault. :scared:
  20. I love the shows and feel I am better prepared when I got out shopping ! If you want to blame someone try Ebay. Way more shops and people are using the bay to set a price for some products. Just because a NOS Gillette sold for 200 bucks doesn't mean I am giving you $110 for your granpaws same model with half the plating gone.

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