Whole Foods brand "Three Beans Coffee"

Discussion in 'The Cafe'' started by Edcculus, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Just picked up a can of this at Whole Foods. $4.99 for a 14oz can of whole bean coffee. It comes in a light, medium and dark roast. I picked up the light roast. Anyone tried this yet? I guess it can't be too bad, and you can't beat the price!
  2. Was it any good? I have enjoyed their Peaberry something-something before but found their Bay Blend Ultra Roast (aka Dark Vienna) to be undrinkable.
    Is there anything on the package that indicates why it is called Three Beans Coffee? The link I found did not describe any details.
  3. I'm confused. I thought whole beans needed to vent, and should have some sort of purge valve if packaged.
  4. Common sense dictates that it's a three bean blend. I am assuming, of course.
  5. Its a pretty decent coffee. I need to brew some up at home in a french press. We have a commercial 12 cup Bunn brewer at work. It is a good machine, except its hard for me to get the right ratio since you brew so much at a time.

    Not exactly sure why its called Three Beans. The label says its a blend, so I assume they use three types. As far as venting...not sure.
  6. When I'm on the cheap I drink Whole food 3 bean, I've gone through light and medium roast, but... I found even though the coffee is good the roast and blend can vary widely. It's like your getting the bottom of the barrel of mixed beans. I'd be afraid the dark would have burnt beans. But for cheap coffee I recommend it. It is different every cup which I kinda enjoy.
  7. You are most probably right. But also sounds lot like some feel good marketing term. If the packaging doesn't describe whether the coffee comes from three different origins, regions, farms, etc, I am suspicious. Like some of that so called Kona coffee that was mostly not Kona.
  8. If the three beans aren't identified, even vaguely, it leaves the door open to change as seasonality, cost, and availability shift over time without having to produce different labels for each quarter, six months, year, or whatever the rate of change is. I bet the #1 goal is consistent taste, and what it takes to achieve said flavor profile is of no concern.. just as long as they can do it in some proportion of three coffees.. even if one of them is only 1% of the blend.
  9. I dont think anything other than the name really implies "exactly three" types of beans in the blend. I think its just a cute marketing name Whole Foods gave the line of coffee. Nowhere on the packaging does it say the varietals, percentages etc. it just says "a blend".

    Overall, I think its a pretty good coffee given the price. Not top of the line stuff, but even the bottom of the line stuff is more expensive than this coffee at the moment. Well, at least the bottom of the line stuff that I'm willing to buy. Most other decent coffees, even at larger discount stores clock in around $6-9 for anywhere between 12-14 oz.
  10. jtb


    I had the medium blend and was amazed at how good it was. I finished it and wish had more. I don't go to whole foods that often but the next time I'm there I will pick up a few cans.
  11. I've also had the medium blend and it was very good. Anything better will be at least twice as much at Whole Foods.

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