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  1. so i've been using the good ol DE for a few months now. i got my angle down and lather pretty good. been gettin pretty good shaves. i just go WTG, WTG, XTG. ATG scares me ha. well i still get some nicks and burn down by the adams apple. well i read a post by a user saying he just wasn't getting the best shaves and thought it was his angle but switched his blade to a feather and it went amazing. well yesterday i did the same. i said to hell with it. a blade can't do that much damage. unless you have no idea what you're doing. so i threw in the feather. did my usual prep and lather. and did a WTG. i could hear the hair just being sliced off. not like the usual sound i get with derby's or israeli reds. i did another WTG and then, XTG. amazing shave. no irritation. none on the neck! i just take a bic sensitive single blade disposable and do touchups at the end. ahh its gettin better. now i just wanna try a gillette tech and see how that is compared to my Merkur HD. or maybe a slant as well. hmmm the possibilities are endless until i find that perfect match. here goes all my tax return money. haha

  2. Amazing isn't it?! Nice work. Its a good feeling when you make a connection like that, and really feel the results.

    Congratulations!! Keep it up.
  3. many congrats.
  4. Congrats! Sounds like you've found a good combination there.

  5. Glad you found a good combo! I'm still working through my sampler pack, so far I like sharks the best followed by iridiums, and isreli reds. The feathers seemed to irritate my face more than the rest but once I find the rest of my top contenders, the feathers will definately make it to the final round of 'cuts' before I decide on the perfect blade to match with my 38c!
  6. Nice post. It's made me change my mind and look for a sampler pack instead of reaching straight for a 100 pack of Derby's (beginner here too).
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  8. Good for you !!! Feathers are my favorite now !!!
    Happy Shaving:badger:
  9. Congrats! Way to go!
  10. Welcome, there are so many options on the razors and blades you can use, i think thats what make this fun, because if you think about it, you always have something new to try.
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    awesome - plus it sounds like RAD is hitting
  12. Glad it is working out for you.
  13. Just a warning - don't make your mind up until you've shave for a week with Feathers.
    Those babies used to give me 1 great shave, then every day thereafter would remove progressively thicker layers of skin.

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