Who were "really" the fastest guns in hollywood?

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  1. I saw the post below about Clint - still not sure who he is, but I thought I'd put up some hollywood trivia. Van Cleef always claimed that he was actually faster than Clint when drawing a sixgun, which was most likely true. However, there were two other actors who were among the fastest hollywood draws and neither are what you'd consider "tough guys".

    Care to guess? Google is CHEATING
  2. Gene Wilder?!
    Elvira Mistress of the Dark?!
  3. Jay Silverheels
  4. Gene was pretty close.

    Sammy Davis Jr was reportedly the second fastest gun in Hollywood. Second only to Jerry Lewis.

    A quote from Samm'ys Bio:

    According to the "Fastest Gun Who Ever Lived," Bob Munden, Davis was the second-fastest draw in Hollywood, trailing only Jerry Lewis. Davis presented Munden with a customized Colt Peacemaker in recognition of Munden's skill after they appeared together on "The Mike Douglas Show" (1961).
  5. Glenn Ford was reputed to have the fastest draw.

    Of course there was Quick Draw McGraw but he wasn't always technically correct.

  6. Man, I needed google just to figure out who you were talking about... :)
  7. Norma Jean Baker had the fastest guns in Hollywood.
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    No. Just the "best chest in the west".

  9. Little Neddy Nederlander
  10. Sammy Davis Jr. was one I don't recall the other. Kirk Douglas comes to mind.

  11. Sammy was #2. See my second post above. It looks as though Jerry Lewis was #1.
  12. Since Wyatt Earp (the real one) worked in Hollywood after he retired from being US Marshall. I suspect he could lay claim to this title. He lived in California from 1890 until his death and befriended a number of stars including William S. Hart and Tom Mix who were pallbearers at his funeral as well as a then unknown John Wayne. Best, Sam
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    Alan Ladd (Shane)
  14. Not likely that Wyatt was the fastest. Wyatt's famous quote pointed to the fact that accuracy was for more important than speed, which he did not have. "Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything." And he was correct :biggrin:

    Jerry Lewis was the fastes, with Sammy Davis JR running a close second. At least, according to Bob Munden.
  15. Audie Murphy would have blown Wyatt away in a hollywood-style quick draw shootout, just as he would have any of the fast draw actors. Not only was he in the same league with them for speed, he was WILLING. Wyatt Earp was never a noted gunman in his own time, Stuart Lake notwithstanding. IIRC, the shootout at the OK Corral was his first time out, and the rest of his shootouts were ambushes and executions.

    Actually, the fastest man with a gun to appear on film was likely Arvo Ajalo, most noted as the guy who taught most of the actors how to handle a sixgun, although he appeared in speaking roles now and then.
  16. So, can we get a validation on the fastest?
  17. It all depends upon who you are talking to, what era that you are discussing, and the particular rules under which the competition was staged. Munsen's claim was probably correct -- in the early 1960's. However, the equipment and techniques improved markedly after that, and the rules changed. In the early 60's, all that was measured was the time required to fire the weapon (the fabled fast noise). Since then the rules have changed to where you have to hit a target to stop the clock.
  18. Hollywood is one thing, real life is another. Wild Bill Hickock dropped an opponent, Davis Tutt, with a single shot through the heart at 75 yards. While Tutt was standing in dueling position, shooting at him. I would consider that a pretty good at 25 yards, but at 75 yds when he is shooting at you too...!!
  19. bugsy seagel ?
  20. Wyatt Earp was certainly the fastest pistol whipper. A method he specialised in apparently.:smile::smile:

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