who should sharpen my razor?

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  1. Hi all and THANKS! will order straight razor and strop today.
    my plan was to pay someone to sharpen razor for a while, and i will strop

    whom should i get to sharpen my straight razor?

  2. Buy a shave ready razor. Then all you need to maintain it is something like a barber hone.

    As long as you do not damage the edge, that setup could keep you going for a long time.
  3. Where are you located?
  4. massachusetts, near NH and maine
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    If you find yourself in Boston, Stoddards offers a honing service. I can't rate the edge they create since I've never shaved with it.

    I'd offer to hone it for you. Unfortunately, I have this tendancy to procrastinate going to the Post Office.
  6. Well, maybe you should keep it sharp. Get a Barber Hone and tune it up when you feel you need to. Chrome oxide on a paddle strop works well too. I have one side of my linen strop pasted with chrome oxide. That helps a bit to maintain the edge. There are lots of good ways to keep the thing going before a hone is needed. When it is needed, think about investing in a quality stone. It isn't difficult to hone. Like everything else, it just requires practice.
  7. I suppose most of the enjoyment I get out of my razors is the restoration thereof. Once I was able to hone an edge on a long forgotten blade: perhaps found in an antique store or a swap meet, I delighted in the evolutionary craft of giving new life to something esoteric: the lost art of wet shaving...perhaps thats why I wear a beard now...too much fussing and not enough shaving I suppose. There is a plethora of posts suggesting the proper ways of restoring a razor. What begs mention, however, is that it is honing techniques are unique to each individual...just like knives, whether you use your right hand or left...these things determine the relationship between you and your razor. That being said...I've probably ruined a few blades in learning how to hone.
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  9. If you can find someone close to you, great. There are many great honers out there. The problem is, you may not like their edge. A large majority of people love Feather blades. Personally, I can't stand the way they feel. (Talking DE). Doesn't make them a bad blade at all. In fact, they're great. Obviously. Same thing with someone honing your razor. They could be known as one of the best yet you don't like the way it feels. Makes the journey that much more fun.
  10. Shoot me a PM. I'll hone it up for you.
  11. Who should sharpen your razor?

    You should!

    Seriously, it is not super difficult, and it will emancipate you from having to mail off your precious razor when you feel the need for a touch up.

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