Who makes Violet bath soaps?

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  1. I've been searching a few artisan sites for some Violet bath soaps for a Christmas gift and I can't seem to find any.

    Who has the best and how good are they?
  2. Phog Allen

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    I would PM or email Michelle at Mystic Water Soap. She has some fantastic products and mayhaps a violet bath cake or two laying about. She has made the shave soap in Viola di Bosco scent and it is about the best violet scent I have sniffed. Worth a try.

    Cheers, Todd
  3. thanks I'll check her out

    Anybody else have some suggestions?
  4. lol, i thought the thread title said "violent bath soaps".
  5. haha I can see how that could happen
  6. You should check out Claus Porto.
  7. Valobra has a Violet on this page. Been thinking about trying a Valobra, but haven't ordered any yet.

    edit: Just found Valobra soaps at West Coast Shaving
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  8. Hmm I may check it out at WCS.

    I heard Stirling makes good bath soaps but I don't know if he makes a violet scent. I might email Rod to see if he has any.
  9. Yeah I was thinking about Mama Bear too.

    I have her Andy's mint shave soap that I love.

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