Who is your favorite vendor?

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  1. Been at it for a month now and (newb style) placed 2 orders already with WCS. I am aware of another 4-5 vendors commonly mentioned here. What makes you support one over the other? I noticed all are roughly about in price with each other.

    What say ye?
  2. I've had excellent experiences with Italian Barber and WCS. Both are top-notch!
  3. TSS - customer service, knowledge,and attention to detail
  4. Bull Goose Shaving. Their service is phenomenal! To be honest, all the vendors here are terrific. I just think Bull Goose is a notch above. Give them a chance and you'll see why.
  5. Was very happy with Razor Blades and More. Orders incoming from Italianbarber, so far I like their website layout and I'm sure the Razorock products will be excellent.
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    I vote for my little brother. WCS.
  7. I'm fond of Classicshaving.com.
  8. +1 for Blue Goose.
  9. Straightrazordesigns.com Great customer service and easy to use website. They have good prices and great products. Also Italian Barber is top notch. Joe is amazing to deal with and the products he makes are outstanding. I have ordered more from Joe just because of his service.
  10. Who's Blue Goose?
  11. Italian Barber. If I was in the States I might have a different answer, but I can't think of one negative thing to say about my experience with these guys. I will always look to them first now.
  12. I like:
    - :10 minute walk from my office. They get pretty much all my software business now, great selection, testers available and reasonable prices. What's not to love?
    Shoebox Shave Shop - top notch service, more unusual selection
    West Coast Shaving-great service and selection, decent website, B&B discount

    Also a nod to artisan soap makers Queen Charlotte Soaps, and Mikes Natural Soaps - great products and a pleasure to deal with
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  13. As was stated, you can't go wrong with B&B vendors. The ones that have been here for a while are still here because they have a history of quality products and exceptional costumer service. I have used use BullGoose, Italian Barber, RazorBlades and More, and BestShave. All have been super. I check them out for what I am looking for and they all have price variations on different items, so whoever has the best offer for what it is I am looking for is who I buy from.
  14. BullGooseshaving.net.

    Phil is a member/vendor here. Amazing to work with, and most would say he has that fastest shipping times.
  15. I've used all member vendors here and they've been fantastic!
  16. I haven't had any bad experiences with any of the 13 vendors I have purchased from. With that said, the two vendors that stood out from the crowd are ItalianBarber and TheSuperiorShave. I like to choose ItalianBarber because of their selection and low mark to hit free shipping.
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  17. So far I've used WCS, Razor Blades and More, and BullGoose. I got prompt service from all of them. I've also worked with a couple of soap makers, too.

    I haven't bought anything from ItalianBarber because I'm waiting for a big enough order to get free shipping since he's in Canada. :)

    However, I have noticed that Phil at BGS and Joe from IB/RazoRock are both heavily active in the community. Participating in discussions, making frequent updates, etc. For those reasons, I tend to look there first.

    The owner of Shave A Buck is the same way, and he has an interesting assortment of more unusual products from some of the less well represented countries. I haven't ordered there, yet, but he's on my radar, too.
  18. I have never had a poor experience with any of the commonly discussed vendors here. They are all good for a specific reason. If you are looking for a brush, I would go with Jarod at TSS since he individually photographs them. Some of my obscure stuff has come from Vintage blades, WCS is always awesome. I think with such a nice market, all vendors must operate with class. And all of them have been great in my experience. I probably give most of my business to WCS.
  19. I've used several, and all have been good. WCS seems to get most of my business though.
  20. Zor


    Any brick and mortar store with a good selection. Like Rubinov's here in Phoenix. A place where you can talk to a knowledgable associate and where you can see and smell the products. Seek one out and support your local economy.


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