who is the thief and has stolen an incredible gillette set... ?

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  1. i think that the thief will not respond but someone has stolen a rare aristocrat deluxe set. i told the seller that he/she should leave it at auction but at the night he/she told me the razor is relistet with a buy it now price. i think he/she relisted it with a bargain price cause he/she didnt know what that set is worth. that is very frustrating, having no chance to buy that set...

    i hope you will be happy with a stolen set...
  2. That's the earlier auction that the seller closed. When I last looked it had already gotten up to $250. This is the BIN that actually sold. Maybe the seller didn't realize that it was going to jump a lot in the last seconds of the auction. :huh:

    Some pics for posterity:



  3. that is so frustrating 500 is such a bargain and she he would reach over 1000 for that..i hate such people who ask for buy it now prices and cheating on the sellers...
  4. My god that's the holy grail of sets!
  5. Porter is correct, it most probably would have jumped A LOT in the closing seconds as major players fired off their snipes. In this case, a buyer's offer of $500 was twice what the bid was at, and to the seller it seemed like the safe and logical thing to do. (Something to do with birds, hands, and bushes.)

    This seller has not sold a lot of razors in the past, but has offered a Filharmonic and a Dubl-Duck. They knew what this razor was, so they do have the ability to accomplish proper research. A willing buyer and a willing seller is all that is needed to make a transaction happen.

    Raiserhobel, your frustration is understandable but branding the buyer a thief is a little harsh, IMHO. If I understand your post correctly, you had some communication with the seller. Why didn't you offer the fair price you were willing to pay? The seller may have allowed you to buy it instead of the other lucky guy!

    I have never (yet) closed an auction early to take a back-door offer . . . but who's to say I might not be tempted if an offer was made that far exceeded my expectations, and I did not know how high the item might actually finish at!
  6. i do not like asking for a BIN. i like auctions and i have my maximimum bid in mind and bid in the last seconds. thats just fun. thats frustrating cause i was not able to bid and had no chance at all. cause of the time switch i was still sleeping. there was a new president complete set in same condition which ended at nearly 1300dollar and i was the second bidder and was not frustrated cause there was someone who was willing to pay more. thats life... but that situation is really frustrating!

    i told him that he/she should leave it at auction and should not sold it as a bargain price. i think that leaving it at auction is fair for both parties. i was willing to pay 500+ and i think that the guy who bought the set asked the seller for an 500 BIN. look at the auction starting closed time. that was snagged just after starting the auction... anyway the seller is kicking in his/her *** if she he will know what the true value is.
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  7. @swamp very good research =)
    curious that she as an antique dealer couldnt determine a value... but that situation we see very often. there are antique dealers who offer things extremely high and others as bargains... kinda a shame for her that she was not able to verify a price... cause i imagine that she should have a huge network of other dealers..
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    Hard to blame a seller for that, such a shame though. They don't see the bids, they get nervous. They have no idea of the snipers waiting in the wings. But the watch list count should give them some comfort, you would think.

    Still, I can't see them having paid over $200 for it from an estate sale (although I did see a Rolls going for $70. I said really? They said, that's what they are going for on ebay).

  9. Man that's a beautiful set. I have always liked these sets (though not enough to part with what they go for).
  10. It's a beautiful work of art...
  11. Beautiful set.

    I agree with the bird, hand, and bushes statement.

    With high end razors I avoid sniping because of this exact scenario. If I really want a razor or anything in an auction I'm not going to let the seller get afraid by not bidding and trying to keep the auction price artificially low until the last minute. In this case, sniping IMHO is a bad idea. Bid high, bid early, bid often--money talks ... Keep the seller in the game and maybe other buyers away with the high price, but you still have a chance.
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    I would have passed at any price.

    My initials aren't, "J R" so I'll hold out until I see the proper engraving.
  13. Just give it to your kid and be sure to name them after you. That's assuming you're not already bakerbarber the Third. Then it won't work.
  14. OMG That is beautiful!! :eek2: I wish I had could say I was the thief ...but I can not take credit.
  15. $500? As my mother used to say "Holy Mother of God".
  16. +1 great research and lousy estimate!

    I get frustrated by this too mate.

    I've been caught out on numerous occasions so now indicated to sellers 'I would prefer that you let the auction run but if you are looking for a quick sale and have a price in mind please let me know.' This has, rarely, got me a piece (sorry for those who missed out) but mainly has resulted in sellers confirming that it will continue to auction OR respond that others have made offers and since there is multiple interest they will let it go.

    The really disappointing case for me was a rare razor were I did this and was told the auction would run then noticed later that night that it was sold as a BIN for about 1/8th of the market price. When I contacted the seller he indicated that no he normally wouldn't but the buyer gave him such a sob story that he just sold it out of sympathy. The buyer is a member here, had sold a similar one a month previously for more than 8 times what he paid for this one then turned around and sold this one for much the same.

    Some slime balls around and some silly sellers....
  17. I'd put it this way
    Smart buyers, stupid sellers

    People are only willing to sell something for a certain price, if someone is smart enough to find a way to that price, they're the winner.
    ebay is NOT a magical land where everyone plays happy family, hence the terms "sniping". I've been on both sides, and wouldn't change a thing about it.
    Put a big bid in and wait for people to match it or wait until the last "seconds" and throw your hat in the ring, but if you wait too long, someone has moved the ring.
  18. What I don't understand is why the seller wouldn't just tell the prospective purchaser to put a bid in for $500 dollars (or whatever they are offering). If you know someone wants it that bad then why just concede to their offer when you know they are going to bid at least that amount.

    I have to agree with the term "stupid sellers". They should realize that if someone is trying to end an auction early with a set BIN price they obviously have something of value for which they will get at least what the prospective purchaser is offering. If the prospective buyers wants the item that bad, they'll bid the amount of money they offered in the standard auction format, and will probably bid more than they offered . . . because that is what the auction format promotes.
  19. There are sellers who don't know what they have. This is a good case. I agree that the set would have gone for more, but as they say, nobody ever went broke making a profit

    For every case like this though, there are 100 or 1000 sellers who think their rusted tech is a gold mine.

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