Who can name movies or TV shows that have shaving scenes.

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    Let's see how movies or TV shows there are that have safety razor d/e shaving scenes. Name the movie/tv show and if possible, the d/e razor being used...lets see how many we can find.:thumbup::thumbup1::w00t:
  2. In Multiplicity Michael Keaton's clone's clone (the slow one) wants to shave like everyone else so they give him a d/e sans blade and a bottle of whip cream. He then proceeds to 'shave' his face and tongue.
  3. I've seen a few movies that had them but can't remember them all. I know Valkyrie has one in it. Strangely, I think Tom Cruise was using a Gillette and it looked like a Ranger Tech or similar, but he was German.
  4. Not a shaving scene, and not DE, but in an episode of The Pacific a soldier gets hospitalized and has his GEM 1912 taken away.
  5. I also remember an episode of the cosby show where Cliff gave Theo a DE and told him to be careful and left him to learn on his own.
  6. I was watching the Godfather Part III the other day and there's a scene in which Vincent shaves Michael with what appears to be a black Slim Twist.
  7. By the way, don’t copy his technique. :laugh:
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    I was watching the first season of Millennium on DVD this weekend and noticed a DE in the opening credits.
  9. The fugitive with Harrison Ford....Hard to tell, but maybe a superspeed? It was on TV last night.
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    close enough, dont have to be actually shaving but a d/e razor scene, where you can see the razor for atleast few seconds to know its a d/e razor.:thumbup1:
  11. I Love Lucy, the unaired pilot now on DVD.
  12. Gene Wilder flings a straight across his face in Blazing Saddles.

    Winters uses a DE in Band of Brothers while in Bastogne.
  13. I remember that Band of Brothers scene! He ended up getting a bunch of lather in his ear. :lol::lol:
  14. Heartbeat (a uk show), dont know what de he was using though.
  15. not a tv show or movie, but figured I'd toss Scorsese's "The Big Shave" short film in for a mention.
  16. Wonderful scene in "North By Northwest" with Cary Grant. He has to shave in the train station with a girly razor borrowed from Eva Marie Saint and gets funny looks from the macho man with the straight razor at the next sink. Even without that it's a top 10 picture so rent it already!

    Also in "The Untouchables" where the barber is shaving Al Capone ( Robert DeNiro) and cuts him by accident.

    In "Little Big Man" Dustin Hoffman's character shuttles back and forth between Native American and white cultures; he shaves with a Bowie knife when he decides to go native.
  17. I think that in The Royal Tenenbaums Luke Wilson's character begins a DE shave and gets a little suicidal/sloppy with his technique.
    Actually, looks like a single edge perhaps.
    at 1:19/2:25
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  18. Detour (1945): Tom Neal shaves with a DE razor and what looks like a 30mm brush.

    Dark Passage (1947): Humphrey Bogart shaves with what looks like a slim DE razor after the bandages are removed from his face, but all we see is the razor being put down after he finishes.

    In one of the James Bond movies, a DE razor is used by Bond.

    Identifying the razor is something I can't do.
  19. In the Darjeeling Limited one of the brothers uses what looks like a Merkur HD Slant. Lousy technique, lousy lather, not a great flick either.
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  20. That's a GEM 1912.

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