Which soap refills will fit in my mug?

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Russianrat, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. I have a shaving mug (the apothecary style with the knob) that I got in a VdH set with a brush on Amazon. I know that the VdH soaps will fit, and I am guessing that Williams would fit, but I can't tell from pics on the vendor sites which other soaps would fit in my mug without having to mill it, cut it trim it etc. Any tips?
  2. any soap will fit just use a cheese grinder and then pack it down afterwards
  3. Any soap will fit with a cheese grater and a little imagination.
  4. I wouldn't limit based on size. I've milled before and no biggy.
  5. This was perhaps the better way to answer than the way I did. But its all true.

    Plus I sometimes prefer milling anyway, because it can soften a rather hard soap and make loading a little easier.
  6. Using VDH now, Bought a Jagger refill which is about the same size. Just started soaps so that is the limit of my knowledge so far.
  7. I just ordered a Provence sante green tea refill...it looks like it will fit, and seems to be well thought of on B&B. Gonna give that a try. But at the same time, I ordered a dr Harris Arlington in the bowl, so I will have some other options.
  8. Good luck with the Provence. I will keep it in my to buy list.
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    If grating the whole pick isn't your thing, then just grate enough for the puck to fit. Pack the shavings in the mug first and the squish the puck into it to eliminate any slippin'n'sliding.
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    The Provence Sante Green Tree refil will fit, at least it does in mine. I love the Green Tree soap, hope you enjoy it too.
  11. This may help ya! The VDH Luxury set comes with the Luxury soap that weighs 3.5 oz. I think if you pick any soap at this weight or less you should be fine. A few examples in this range are, VDH Deluxe, Williams, Col. Conk, Cyril Salter and Edwin Jagger to name a few. That way you won't have to mill or grate, just like you said you didn't want to do.

  12. The Edwin Jagger / Muehle soaps should fit.
  13. If you have the time on your hands, you can also look in the Shave Wiki. A lot of the soaps have refill diameter listed, so you could look up the ones that interest you when deciding to buy.

    FYI, Col. Conk soaps seem to be just about exactly the same size.

    Finally, Italian soft soaps/hard creams are very malleable and should fit without an issue.
  14. Arko is also an option. It comes as a stick but with a mug and a large prescription bottle (like the ones a month's supply of 180 Vicodin come in) it smashes into a puck very easily. Note that this trick only works for Arko (and possibly a chunk of Cella off of a kilogram block) that I know of.
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  16. I have the same set as yours, but I get my Arko stick to fit in the mug! I just take a cheese grater and mill the Arko stick into the mug and compress it. It guarantees any soap refill will fit.
  17. Russianrat:
    I cut up my VDH Deluxe (glycerin based soaps can be melted to fit your mug), place the pieces in my ceramic shaving mug and 'melt' them in the microwave for 30 seconds and then let it cool...works out great for me!!! :thumbsup:

    However, as member 'rockviper' has stated, "Don't go melting anything which contains tallow (Williams does)", because as member 'goatee' put it..."it looks like oatmeal". :thumbdown

    Melting VDH Soap

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