Which safety razor and which double edge blade are the best?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by chris A, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    I'm new here! I'm from NJ, U.S. This is my first post and really exciting and little nervous to ask you some advice from everyone.

    I was thinking to switch from mach 3 turbo to DE Safety razor. I never try it.

    The safety razor that I'm talking about is that I would like to try a Parker double edge razor. That the one you twist to open from the bottom and the door are open like a butterfly. The easy one to use it because I'm a disabilities and hard of hearing since birth. The Blade that I would like to get is The Feather hi-stainless sharp blade. I heard is the best.

    What I'm asking you Which safety razor are good or the best? which double edge blade are the best?

    Do you think the Feather blade are the best? What about Merkur blade? I heard that Merkur are good not the best but many people are not happy with the merkur blade but Feather are no. 1.

    Merkur razor, I'm not sure to that I can get it. I'm little slow. But Parker DE butterfly (twist to open) razor are easy for me 'cause I can put the blade in there and close it. I never try it.

    Does anyone like Merkur or Parker DE and Merkur and Feather blade?

    What is your opinion about the feather blade? do you like it?

    Oh, I forget to ask you: What is the differece between Merkur Futur and Vision 2000 HD safety razor? How can you tell these two?

    Please help me!

    Chris A:smile:
  2. Chris,
    Welcome to B&B

    besides a Parker you could also consider a vintage Gillette sold here in the b/s/t forums quite often, they have the twist to open doors you are looking for,

    as far as blades there is no best, blades are very personal not only for each individual but for each razor too, what may work for you in one razor may not work at all for you in another razor. Feathers are generally regarded as the sharpest however that does not mean they are right for everyone, starting out it is generally not a good idea to start with Feathers or Merkur blades for that matter as both could leave you with a lot of nicks if your technique isn't that good, you can buy some blades in most drugstores to get you started I then recommend a sampler pack from http://westcoastshaving.com/ and again save the Merkurs and Feathers for last.

    The Futur and Vision 2000 are both adjustable razors, the futur has a pop off top while the vision 2000 is a twist to open with the silo doors, the vision 2000 is expensive and can be a very aggressive razor which I would not recommend for a new shaver, there are good reviews of both in the review forum
  3. My opinion is the Merkur 38C (Classic Barberpole) with Astra blades. That works well for me. The Merkur HD is also recommended a lot as a good starting razor, not sure about the blades.

    Shaving with these requires a lighter touch and gentle strokes so be careful.

    The Vision costs more and is a lot bigger. Try Googling it for more info.

    - Aaron
  4. It will not help you very much but the only correct answer IMO is; the one(s) you like best! There is a lot of trial and error involved before you can answer that question I am afraid.
  5. Hi Chris, welcome to B&B!

    As far as razors are concerned, the Merkur DE is great razor for starters. Even though it does not have a twist-to-open mechanism like the Parker you refer to, blade replacement is very easy.

    I recommend the Merkur over the Parker because it is a well known fact that the Merkur is mild shaver, perfectly suited for starters like you that still have to work on their technique. Many guys over here can testify to that. The Parker will be more of a gamble.

    As far as blades are concerned, I agree with crankymoose. Blades are very personal and you should try a few different blades before you buy one brand in bulk. Buying the sampler pack is a very good idea. The only general advice I can give you about blades is to stay away from Feathers until you have more experience. Feathers are very sharp and you will almost certainly cut yourself since you have no experience with a DE razor.

    Good luck and let us know how things develop.
  6. 2 piece Merkurs like 34 and 38 models are easy to load. Would think that if you have some sort of usage of your both hands, then there should not be any difficulties.
    I have no experience of the 3 piece models if they are harder to load.

    Then again I have no experience with that TTO Parker, but it is said to be a more aggressive razor, perhaps too aggressive for a newbie and also it's quality is said not to be very good.

    About blades, best is to get a sample pack. If not, then I would recommend some blade brand like Derby Extra, Red Personna or Crystal that seem to work well for most people. NOT Feather blades.
  7. scoopster

    scoopster Moderator Emeritus

    Welcome to B&B chris A!

    I can only echo what others have said. Get a blade sampler pack from a place like west coast shaving to try out different blades and see what one works best for you.

    I would stick with one of the basic Merkur razors to get stated: 1904, HD, Classic, 38C. The head on these razors is identical but their handles are all different which changes the weight and balance.
  8. Chris, Welcome to B&B. I will not say much about the Merkur but I really enjoy the vintage Gillettes. As for the Feather blade, it's the sharpest blade that I know of. It's not something I would recommend to a newbie but I have heard of a few folks starting out with them. I would say try an IP Red or Derby and then move to the Feather.
    What ever way you choose to go...Enjoy the shave!!!
  9. asking which razor or blade is the best, around here, is like asking which color is the best, or which note is the best - it's all very personal.
    +1 to blade sampler pack, regardless of razor
    you mentioned considering a Parker, I've never used one, but that leads me to believe you're more interesting in a new razor than a vintage, so on that I'd suggest a Merkur as well (but I can't suggest their blades...you still need to try 'em, they may work for you, I just can't suggest them :biggrin1:)
    If you're willing to try a used razor, scour the B/S/T; you may find a better deal on ebay or local antique store, but usually these from our members will come shave ready and cleaned, and you can ask the previous owner about the razor - try that on ebay! :biggrin:
    you'll soon learn much of what we base our opinions here on with regards to razors and blades to be very much YMMV, IMO/IMHO, etc, etc...
    I started a year ago with a '57 Gillette Tech, very mild, easy to learn with, then went to the Merkur 38C, and on, and on, and on...cursed RAD!!
    Anyway, good luck, ask questions, read and learn as much as you can
  10. Hiya, Chris! I would spend the money on a Gillette Slim Adjustable from one of the members here. Same price and it is a very easy razor to learn with as you can set it for gentle and then move to the aggressive if you so desire. I just used mine this AM and love it. Start with a blade sampler or choose a middle of the road blade like Derby for learning on, one with a consistent reputation. Good luck!
  11. netsurfr

    netsurfr Vendor

    Get the blade sampler pack from www.westcoastshaving.com
    Everyone has different preferences. Some love Merkur, many others hate them. Feathers are generally considered to be the sharpest blades but some find them irritating on the face. They are all I have used for years.
    Bottom line, try them all and see what works for you.
  12. gillette double ring + swedish gillette

    i dont recommend these as your first setup though.

    where do you live in NJ ?
  13. It's probably worth taking some time to read the razor reviews. The Parkers are nice razors IMO but they need some skill since they are quite aggressive. However, the results are excellent. Merkurs are decent quality razors. If you don't mind using a used razor, a Gillette slim adjustable is a great razor and you can dial up the agressiveness. I don't know much about blades. Feathers are very good but they don't last long. Most of the other main stream ones seem to do a good job on my beard. The differences are discernable but they will be dominated by the razor.
  14. ::What would be the a good blade to start with? A starting point.:glare:
  15. Derby or Astra blades a decent, but you may wish to order a sampler pack to get a better feel of whatÂ’s out there. What works for one does not work for all. Enjoy the adventure......
  16. I agree with the recommendation for a gillette slim adjustable. start mild and work your way up. I also agree with getting a blade sampler from West Coast Shaving. let them select the right blades and the order to try them in. then experiment. over time you'll figure out which blades work best for you and how aggressive a razor you want.
  17. Uh, you guys realize that the original post in this thread is from 2008, right?
  18. ^^^ :lol: ^^^
  19. Uh, you do realize a new question was asked yesterday, right?......:lol:
  20. Sampler packs! Look for the "old faithful" brands to be included: Derby, Personna (Israeli Red, Israeli Blue, U.S.A-made), Dorco, Feather, Astra (either SS or SP), any of the Lord brands (Lord Plat, Shark SS or SC, Racer, et als), and the wide world of Gillette blades from Russia, India, China, and even SouthAm).

    Welcome to the madness, Chris! You are just starting ... :devil:

    You've made a good post. Continue as you gain new insight; share with the group!

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