Which open comb razor to choose next?

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  1. I love my Muhle r41 and also love shaving with my slim and fatboy.
    With that in mind i would like to ask you guys that are more informed and have more experience,
    which other open comb should i look to purchase knowing that the r41 is a great OC tool but i like the feel of the
    I was thinking like maybe,fatip,merkur 1904,or a vintage gillette?
    I would appreciate your feedback to make a good decision.
    Thank you and have a great shave.
  2. What about putting a heavier handle like the ikon bulldog/tradere/weber bulldog on the R41?
  3. I have thought about that also Triad.
    Thanks for re-enforcing that thought.
    Would the ikon bulldog do good for thr Muhle?
    I am very visual so it also has to look good.
    Would you happen to know if the color of the two parts would look similar and where is a good place to get the bulldog handle?
    I also thought of the bull mastiff handle also?
  4. I just ordered a weber bulldog for my Merkur 15C OC. Hopefully that will help with the lack of heft of the 15C. It has not yet arrived so I can't give an accurate description of the aesthetics of it paired with the 15C head or my R41 head. Once it does, I'll be sure to post my thoughts and maybe an image or two.
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    I love the iKon Bulldog, it looks fantastic on the R41, and gives it the grip and heft it needs. I've got a Bull Mastiff as well, and it's a good shaver with it. If you're sensitive to the aesthetics, you might not like it as much. The Mastiff has a yellow-ish cast, and is a slight mismatch for the R41 head. It doesn't bother me, but it might you.

    Of course, the Mastiff you'd need to find used, as Bob has recently passed.

  6. I would try the older Gillettes: the Old Type, New Improved, and NEW are all great razors. The NEW is my favorite. I found the long-comb variant a little easier to use at first, but once I figured out the blade angle I found that the short-comb shaves just as well. The NEW De Luxe is especially nice: a slightly heavier version of the short-comb.

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  7. Long Comb New for vintage (pictured below; please excuse the poor depth of field). The Merkur 1904 is also a pleasure to use, and a good value as well.


    Here is a re-plated Long Comb New with a custom handle (Ikon Bulldog may be a good fit as well).
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  8. i would go with a heavier handle for the R41, but the FaTip might be a good option as would the vintage Gillettes such as the New Standard, Single Ring, Bulldog (if you can find one), or even the 1934 Aristocrats. These all shave very well, but i would not get any of the Merkur open-combs as you will find them extremely mild since you use the R41!
  9. FaTip, Joris, or Old Type.
    All 3 have similar characteristics. Wonderful shavers.
  10. Tradere. Im an R41 advocate and I'm really enjoying my new tradere.
  11. [​IMG][/IMG]
    The ikon does look and feel good with the R41
  12. I have a BRW custom deluxe R41. I've put an iKon handle and Weber handle on it for a few shaves. It looks good on all of them.

    You can always send the handle you like the best and the head both out and have them plated to match if you really want a "factory" appearance with your custom.

    Pic of BRW as bought:


    R41 head on an iKon handle

  13. *How are you finding the Futur, now, since you have the Joris and the R41? Are you using it much?


    The ikon does look and feel good with the R41[/QUOTE]
  14. Nothin quite like a BRW handle wish i would have bought one!! Nice pics Turtle
  15. @Celestino I find the Futur very interesting its super aggressive/effective cranked up to 5-6 is more intimidating than the R41 IMO!! I,ve gotten some good shaves out of it but have not used it enough to get real comfortable with it cant quit reaching for the R41 or Joris!! It will get some playing time pretty soon.
  16. The r41 with the Ikon handle looks hot.
    Guys,thank you for taking the time to answer my question.i really appreciate it.
    Have a great shave to all.
  17. Alot of you have recommended the Fatip so i just placed my order for one am waiting for it this week hopefully.
    Can't wait to shave with it and if it is close to par with my r41 i will be a happy camper.
    I will let you know what it does to my whiskers.
    Have a great shave.

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