Which open comb DE razor is the most mild?

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  1. I am on the search for an open comb that shaves mild, mostly for my neck.
    I found that my R41 Grande is causing irritation, bumps and by using my black beauty, I hit the trouble spots on #1 through #3 , and I am irritation free. The rest of my face can handle anything, but I want an open comb because I find them to edge my beard line easier then a regular DE.

    Any suggestions?

    I guess if nothings available, I can use my open comb just on beard line and use the adjustable on the trouble areas.

    I use Polsilver SI
  2. My Merkur 15c is very mild but still a really good shaver. The 1904 has the same head just a different handle. They are way different to the r41.
  3. I found the Merkur 1904 to be mild as well as Gillette (new) long comb razors IMO.
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  4. Goodfella razor hands down. Merkur 11c is very very mild too.
  5. Merkur 1904 OC


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  6. Thank you guys very much
  7. The iKon Open Comb is also a milder razor. I haven't tried any of the others above, so I can't do a direct comparison but from what I have read the iKon may be a bit more aggressive than the others and still considered mild. More $$$ also, but (imo) worth it.
  8. The mildest OC's, as mentioned, are the Merkur 1904's and similar (Goodfellas, etc). They didn't work for me.

    Another OC which is relatively mild but shaves VERY nicely is my Gillette New short comb. Long comb is slightly more aggressive for me but also excellent. This may change as I am still trying out the short comb.
  9. The Gillette Sheraton from the late 1930's if by mild you mean "comfortable."

    The Gillette Goodwill from the early 1930's if by mild you mean "non-aggressive."
  10. If you can find one of the Grand Shave King self lubricating razors, you will find it to be one of the mildest, smoothest shavers going. It is a open comb.

    The top cap has grooves parallel to the teeth of the comb which reduce friction and make it extremely smooth
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    Many of the razors mentioned here are VERY mild, such as the 1904 and the Grand Shave King. The Gillette NEW SC is mild but very effective. I also agree that the Sheration is a very comfortable shaver.
  12. FOr me the mildest OC is the 1st gen Tradere OC.
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    I find the IKon Open Comb perfectly mild for my purposes. It is now my every day razor.
  14. I had a Gen2 Tradere OC that was very good (why do we sell stuff we like?) and just had the good fortune to get a Bob's Razor Works New Long Comb with a long handle from the BST that is just superb. Like it so much that I picked up another New Long Comb head for my UFO Kaiser handle and it leaves me looking like I fell out of a car. Same head (theoretically), different handle and there you go. There is a science to this that amounts to "just try it and see" I'm thinking.
  15. I regularly use a Merkur 1904 with a Feather or Astra SP. I have a sensitive neck with hair that grows every which way, and I find I get a good DFS on my neck without irritation. Two passes with some touch-up. The 1904 is somewhat adjustable by backing off the handle by up to a quarter of a turn. I'm not wild about the handle, as I find it slick and hard to hold on to at times. I use the handle from my Pearl OC instead, and it makes for a very good razor.
  16. I do have to say that Sheraton was a smooth and mild razor. Very nice.
  17. is the Merkur 25c just the 15c with the longer handle? I have been looking for a mild OC as well but I would like something a little heavier/longer handle than what I currently shave with.
  18. Yes.
  19. the mildest oc razor i have used is an old british souplex 3 piece,mild but gives a nice close shave.
  20. I have a Merkur 11C which I think is pretty mild, I've been using 2 shims to make it alittle more agressive.
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