Which 'la famiglia' soaps did you order today? Which scent are you most excited about

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by 7 O Menthol, May 15, 2012.

  1. I personally can't wait to try the zi'peppino.

    Don Marco and Cumba Cheech are also on their way to sunny Florida.

    What did you pick?
  2. Where can I pick is my question...
  3. I got every one of them plus all the balms!!
  4. I got all the soaps but no balms. I will probably make a second order for them later.
  5. brybry642 - check out the "new products" section at italianbarber.com.
    I'd link you but I'm on my iphone.
  6. 4 x Zi' Peppino Green Tobacco
    2 x Don Marco Bergamot Neroli

    First order with IB. Looking forward to using these soaps.

    -- John Gehman
  7. I ordered one of all of them, probably the most excited about the Chumba Cheech. Seems very different than what I mostly use, but looking forward to them all!
  8. Went with the Don Marco soap. I will order more as i finish up some of my other products. Also got some of the R-160 aftershave balm.
  9. Is there a thread or link with scent descriptions?
  10. The scent is described in each product listing.

    I ended up ordering all 4 soaps and balms, at the intro prices you're loosing money not buying them....
  11. The link from TonyN above will have scent descriptions under each product.

    Long story short, the options include:
    Orange Blossom & Jasmine
    Tobacco Verde
    Bergamot Neroli
  12. For my birthday, I received a gift certificate for shaving gear. So, I ordered a bunch of new stuff, plus some things I'd long wanted to try. I'm most excited about the Cumba Cheech, as I love floral scents.
  13. 1 xRazoRock La Famiglia Aftershave Balm, Don Marco Bergamot Neroli
    1 xRazoRock La Famiglia Aftershave Balm, Cumba Cheech OB & Jasmine
    1 x La Famiglia Shaving Soap, Cumba Cheech OB & Jasmine
    1 xRazoRock R-160 Sweet Almond Aftershave Balm
    1 xRazoRock La Famiglia Shaving Soap, Don Marco Bergamot Neroli
    1 xRazoRock La Famiglia Shaving Soap, Nonno Michelino Sandalwood

    Excited about all of them. I haven't tried RazoRock.
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  14. jkh


    I caved and got one of each except for the sandalwood. For $4 a pop it was too hard to pass on.
  15. The problem with these RazoRock releases is that the info is always buried in megathreads. As a result, I only recently learned about the new line and the scents. But how are they different from the original RR line? I assume they are soft soaps as well?
  16. This is what I did, too. Not too crazy about sandalwood scents but the others sound intriguing.
  17. Great question, Kevan.

    The new line is made by (and identical to) TFS, a veggie Italian soft soap.
  18. I ordered one of each. Most excited to try the sandalwood.
  19. I was able to restrain myslef and only ordered the Don Marco and Zi'peppino. Can't wait to try either of them!

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