Which Franken-Watch Do You Like Best?

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  1. Cell Phone quality pic (apologies for that) Using WWII Era Replacement Dials I built Two new Frankenwatches. Left is a 1920's Hamilton dial with a Sunon Mov't and Right is a 1920's Illinois with a Citizen Miyota Mov't . Which do you think looks best?

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  2. On the strength of that image I'd go for the simpler dial on the left
  3. Sorry my phone camera is crap. They both are comfortable and the perfect 6/0 size so ya don't notice them on the wrist.
    I like the old-timey smaller watches much better than the ones built like a Hubcap.
  4. I like them both a lot. Would you be able to expand on how you went about doing the rehabs? That sounds interesting.
  5. Both movements were modern quartz that I got off of ebay in a lot and the cases are generic ones I picked up from a pile of watches around the house.
    I got a box of N.O.S. Hamilton, Illinois and Waltham replacement dials from a friend who is a watchmaker (apparently WWII era and pre-war replacements).
    I sized and matched up the dials with the cases and aligned the hands. Added a ZRC Aero-Comfort calf leather strap to each of. Not WORTH anything but vintage looking watches which can be worn daily without worrying about messing up one of my original watches. I have been enjoying them quite a bit and both have gotten compliments from my friends when wearing them.
  6. I like the one on the right; I prefer the subdial at 6. Neat stuff!
  7. I like the one on the left because of it's unique dial with the non-circular dial numbering (dunno what it's called) and the sub dial at 9 o'clock.

    The one on the right is probably a lil' bit more functional, so, I guess it's what you're looking for?

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