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  1. We all have one or two that we like enough to wear, and test-wear, but at the end of the day, we're not sure what made us buy it. For me, it's Yatagan by Caron. I love it on paper. I really enjoy its opening. But somewhere in the drydown I get an all-too-common pencil-shaving effect. And tenacity is far from what I thought it would be. I'm not sure about another bottle. Part of me can't see another October without it. Another part of me thinks there's something better waiting.

    What about you?

  2. Having compared lots I feel that Yatagan is perfect for fall up to Christmas. I definitely will put it away the rest of the year. I've smelled many imitators (the best being Iunx Eau Sento) but Yatagan is the best. Late winter I'll probably go with more Grey Flannel. I'm hoping to score a stonger vetiver like Malle and I will start getting the lighter spring scents out like Millesime Imperial.

    What I do notice though is a fragrance wardrobe is constantly changing and each new fragrance you buy competes with others. When I got Habit Rouge I dropped interest in Royal English Leather. Yatagan is competing with L'Occitane Eau des Baux. Guerlain vetiver hasn't nixed L'Occitane vetiver. When my Caldey Island Lavender arrives it will compete with ALL my lavenders. Let it naturally happen and sell the ones you know you can live without. Also some fragrances are good to use but not as often so you may want to keep them around because you still use them. Keep the ones that really "speak" to you.
  3. Good points - but really I'm just wondering which fragrances in people's wardrobe they're unsure of. I guess yours was REL (?) I feel the same way you do about Yatagan btw - I intend on wearing up until Christmas, and then switching briefly to Pino Silvestre, before settling in on a long winter of mostly Grey Flannel.

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    I have a love hate relationship with Pens BB. Sometimes I love this scent and sometimes I wonder why I'm wearing it. There is no doubt that it's a quality scent. I have bought and sold this one 3 times.
  5. Pen's Elixir.
  6. Sam


    ha, i don't feel so bad. MI, and Piper Nigrum, bought and sold, and bought and sold, and with MI, bought and sold a third time

    trying a sample of elixir, so i agree. also cdg 2 man
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    In truth, 88. Not that I have not gone through a lot of it. Not that I would ever stop using it or heaven forbid sell off my supply of it. I admire the scent. But I am not sure I truly like it. Pretty weird, eh?

    My feelings about Yatagan, Elixir, and BB are unambiguous!
  8. A year ago, I was ready to make this my only scent. Now I'm not too sure about it. It's funny how tastes, or maybe perceptions, change.
  9. Penhaligon's Sartorial. It does what it does as well or better than any other frag I've smelled. Just not sure whether I like what it does...
  10. For me, Creed's Aventus is one I'm not sure about.

    It drives women batshyt when I wear it, so kudos for that. But I CAN'T SMELL ANYTHING AT ALL after about 2 hours. The most puzzling fragrance I've run into.

    With the infamous Creed variance from bottle to bottle, perhaps a different batch would wear better on me. But when the little bottle I bought is gone, I doubt I'll repurchase. We'll see.
  11. You know, I have a similar issue with Original Vetiver. women go batshyt with that one, too. but even after marinating in the stuff, I can't get even a hint of it off myself after 90 minutes or so. That still doesn't stop the compliments from coming in on it, which always surprises me - it's like, they can smell it! why can't I!

    Typical Creed thing it seems. I'm also beginning to get the impression that it's hard to overdo a Creed. Fearing a similar effect with GIT, I was a little heavy-handed with it recently. A woman in my class walked in several feet away from where I was sitting, sniffed the air, and said "I smell perfume." she then looked at me - "is that you?" I was honest about it, and actually apologized. she said, "oh no, it smells really good!" and then proceeded to sit next to me :001_cool:

    all the same, I'm adding GIT to my Not-Sure-Of List. I think it's a really nice scent. but the jaggedy calone-inspired verbena top makes it a little challenging to wait for that incredible drydown. but the drydown is amazing. you can see the quandary.

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  12. Eucris.

    Is it a tasteful cologne that the likes of James Bond would wear or was it custom blended in an oil drum for creepy old Anglos with bad teeth?
  13. The Knize

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    I do not think I could make Elixir my only scent. When I first tried it (after a time when I was unsure about it and it grew on me) I was really enamoured with it and probably would have considered wearing it often though. Now I still like it unambiguously, but it does not seem like something I want to wear all the time. Maybe I wore it too often and got a little tired of it. It does seem very distinct to me.

    I do not think I wore it nearly as much as, say, Issey or Jacomo, both of which I think I just wore too often to ever wear again with any regularity! Issey seems fairly distinct, but nearly as distinct as Elixir!

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