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    Please consider this to be a work in progress. I will add more shops when/if I find them. If you have anything to add, please do so.

    -MenEssentials (146 Colonnade Road)
    - Check their webpage to see the products they carry​

    - The Real Canadian SuperStore (190 Richmond Road)
    - KMF (Kiss My Face) creams - Look for them in the Natual section (to the back of the store from the pharmacy)​
    - Personna blades (branded as exact)​

    - Loeb plus (1705 Merivale Road)
    - Proraso Cream (tube), AS splash, and Pre/Post Cream.​

    - Ottawa Cigar Emporium (110B Clarence Street)
    - Wide election of AOS (Art of Shaving) products​

    - The Body Shop (St. Laurent Shopping Centre, Place d'Orleans, Rideau Centre and Bayshore Shopping Centre - 4 retail locations in the city to choose from)
    - Body Shop shaving creams, aftershaves, face washes, scrubs, scents​

    - Glebe Apothecay/Glebe Pharmasave (780 Bank Street)
    - Proraso​
    - KMF (Kiss My Face)​
    - Omega​
    - Roger & Gallet​
    - perhaps other products​

    - Crabtree & Evelyn (Bayshore Shopping Centre, Rideau Centre and St. Laurent Shopping Centre)
    -Edwin Jagger Brushes​
    -Crabtree & Evelyn shaving soaps​

    - The Barber's Chair (Rideau Centre, Bayshore Shopping Centre)
    - Proraso​

    - La Bottega (64 George Street)

    - Holt Renfrew (240 Sparks Street)
    - AOS (Art of Shaving)​

    - The Bay (Rideau Centre)
    -L'Occitane Cade shaving soap​
  2. Ah, the Glebe. I used to live in Riverdale, just across the canal from the Glebe and, although the Apothecary is way further up closer to downtown, it was always a nice walk through a great old part of the city with tons of history.

    My wife fell in love with the area when we were there last summer for a visit, and if not for the humidity and the occassional poor air quality days because of the proximity to the S.O. megacity, we'd move there ina flash.

    Anyway, this is way off topic, but the Glebe is special, in my books anyway.



  3. MenEssentials is moving to Colonnade Rd on the 21st of August. :smile:
  4. To any wetshavers in or around Ottawa,

    Last night I was at Loeb plus (1705 Merivale Road) and noticed that their stock of Proraso cream (in the tube) is getting low - but it is priced at either $5.99 or $6.99 (I don't remember), either of which would be a good price. In addition, they appear to be out of the Proraso AS products.
  5. Wow! Thanks, I was just looking for information like this!!
  6. Alright!! I just rode my bike down to MenEssentials when I realized how ridiculously close they are to where I live. I picked up a Merkur HD and some blades and stood around and talked to the (very friendly) guys that work there. They were surprised to see me, they do most of their business over the net. And they know who you guys are, apparently they get a lot of their business from members of this site!! Highly recommended, anyways, I'll certainly be shopping there again!
  7. We lived in Ottawa for 25 years- and are now in Texas..it's great to hear from some of the folks that live there and share the same interests- my wife happens to be there this week- I may ask her to step into some of these stores..

    A canadian in Texas
  8. Where is ME located now? Have they moved to Ottawa, or are they still in Quebec? I'm sure that I could look it up, but that wouldn't keep this thread going, would it?
  9. There on Colinade Rd now. I ordered my HD from them a month ago. I was going to walk in but they have no weekend hours.

  10. Thanks for the info.
  11. The store is a little hard to find at the moment because they don't have any signs up yet. I came in via the back entrance by accident. It's 146 Colonnade Rd., which is a big block of offices. If you're facing the front of the building, they're around the right side, a few doors back.
  12. Well I spent the entire afternoon riding my bike all the way downtown and back, stopping at every pharmacy and skin care emporium along the way. It is incredibly difficult to find any Proraso stuff in this city!! I was trying to pick up the whole set (preshave, shaving cream, aftershave) but managed to find only the first and last. I got the aftershave from the Glebe Apothecary, which has been bought out by Pharmasave now. I also have another store to add to the list: The Barber's Chair in the Rideau Centre. Ever checked it out, NMMB? They normally stock the whole Proraso line, but were sold out of the shaving cream when I got there so I only bought the pre/post shave cream from them. I'm going to ride out to Loeb Plus on Merivale tomorrow, hopefully they'll still have some shaving cream left. If not, I'm out of luck.
  13. Dansk,

    A few points...

    First, I don't think that Pharmasave has necessarily bought out the Glebe Apothecary. I believe that Pharmasave is one of those brands/companies where independent retailers have use the name, but remain independent (i.e., they aren't controlled by a centralized Pharmasave office somewhere)... if I am wrong on this please let me know.

    Second, I am not familiar with The Barber's Chair in the Rideau Centre... but I'll have to work on changing that.

    Third, you may also consider looking for Proraso in some other stores... I know that there is a small Italian grocery store in the strip mall on the corner of Kirkwood and Carling (near the LCBO) that sometimes stocks Proraso products... I would also suggest looking in some of the shopps in the "little Italy" area (Preston St).
  14. Cool, thanks for the info!
  15. I was in the Loeb on Merivale yesterday and they were well stocked with Proraso shaving cream, they also had the pre/post, but they didn't seem to have the aftershave in stock. Prices are really good: $6 for the shaving cream, $10 for the pre/post and the aftershave.
  16. I just applied for a job at Carleton Univresity, so if that works out, I move back to Ottawa and I can get in on these great shaving places!

    If I don't get the job, I'll stay here in Calgary in the desert of Wet Shaving supplies, mail-ordering everything I need.

    Alas, time will tell.


  17. I am also from Ottawa area and La Bottega, a terrific Italian deli, grocer and sandwich maker, sell Porasa - tube of green I think was only $3.99 - I also saw a bunch of creams, AS, brushes etc - all behind the check-out at the front so I could not see all the prices.

    Located in the market area, on the south side of George St. across from the Hard Rock


    Add it to the list.
  18. Boy am I happy to find an Ottawa thread! A couple of more places:

    For Art of Shaving products you can also go to Holt Renfrew on Sparks St. at Kent

    Also the Bay at the Rideau Centre has L'Occitane Cade shaving soap. I had never heard of it but bought it (a bit pricey with the nice container) based on this review: http://www.badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php?t=613

    If you're looking for Merkur blades, the Ottawa Cigar Emporium has them but they only carry the standard Merkur razor.

    Just went to La Bottega and their Proraso shelf is really impressive. They've got pretty much everything and I picked up the Pre and post shave cream for just $9.99, a great deal! (compared to mail-order).
  19. Ok, who's been buying all the Proraso shaving cream at the Merrivale Loeb? They had plenty of the Pre/Post, and about a dozen bottles of the aftershave. Here is the odd thing, I'm sure someone else has bought the aftershave there before me. When the cashier went to ring it up the aftershave wouldn't scan. Odd right? It should be in the data base by now.

    I'm just getting back into wet shaving, and I'm looking forward to trying a DE. I just won a Gillette long black handle adjustable. It should be here in a week or two.

    Thanks for all the info on places to get supplies in Ottawa. I'll be sure to post anything I find that hasn't been posted already.

  20. Just remember when you see something you want buy It!! The good stuff goes quick. All Toronto Wal-Marts seem to be out of Blades

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