Where to Look for Shaving Supplies in Bologna, Italy

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  1. I will be in London soon and have a good idea where to look for shaving supplies. But after that we're on to Bologna. What kind of store should I look for to find some Italian shaving supplies?
  2. The Italian membership will probably be along any minute, and maybe this thread bump will attract some attention.

    From looking at the Rome entries for http://wiki.badgerandblade.com/Italy_Shaving_Supplies I get the impression that you might find high-volume products like Proraso in hypermarkets or drugstores, and lower-volume products in profumeria. Google thinks there are a few of those in central Bologna: http://g.co/maps/k7us9 - but you might have to check several before finding any shaving products.

    I suppose you are already familiar with the http://wikitravel.org/en/Bologna#Buy advice?

  3. Thanks, MB
  4. I've seen Acqua di Parma in the window of men's clothing stores...
  5. Stuff like Proraso and Cella, Valobra sticks, even Omega boar brushes is mostly what I'm looking for. Not really high end stuff. Just good stuff that I can bring home with me as a little reminder of my trip. I believe Omega brushes are made in Bologna. So I expect I should be able to find them. I'm just not sure whether to look in a big market, a mens store, a tobacconist, a pharmacy, ...?

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