Where to find high quality corduroy trousers?

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  1. Does anyone know where to find high quality corduroy trousers these days? I love cords, but it seems that everyone uses a very thin, light cord in their pants. I remember seeing pairs that were heavy, with thick cords. Is this kind of material still available anywhere? I'm willing to spend $100-$200, perhaps a bit more for quality, and am willing to buy overseas if necessary. If any of you could point me in the right direction, I'd be grateful.
  2. Seek out a tailor, he should be able to get you into a pair!
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    Check out Brooks Brothers, they have some nice corduroy pants. I picked a few up some four years ago, they are great to wear, very comfortable and they are still in great shape - but then, I only wear them in the winter. The material is thick, heavy and dense.
  4. Orvis? I have a very heavy pair of their cord trousers. Don't know if they still do them.
  5. I got a decent pair from LL Bean last year. Lands end was carrying a $100 pair of heavyweight cords last year as well. Check Filson as well, they are known for heavyweight coats and trousers. You may have better luck looking into brands from the UK maybe. There is a company called Bookster that specializes in MTM tweed jackets and also sells cords and moleskin trousers. See here:

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    Check out STP's bargains too.


    Corduroy fabric is graded by 'wales' ... a wale being that ridge of fabric, so the number of wales per inch is how the fabric is graded. An 8-wale would have 8 ridges per inch, and thus be thicker and more robust than a 16-wale fabric.

    Both types of fabric are in general production, so you should be able to find the pants you want. The thinner high-wale-count fabrics tend to be used for more casual garments (esp re pants, not so much shirts) so looking in a store focusing on suits & business casual is probably a better bet than say a streetware or casual/workwear store.
  7. Lands End has a nice discount on its heavy Yorkshire corduroys right now -- was $164.50, now $69.99 -- but in only three waist sizes and one color -- golden wheat. They also have other cords available, with a great price if you want cinammon -- a Breton red sort of color.

    Despite the name, those Yorkshire cords are "imported," but the word "England" is conspiculously missing. So I suspect these are imported from somewhere else.

    I've had nice cords from LL Bean, too, but that's been a while. They do have them, though. And I have a couple of pairs from Polo, too, but they're several years old as well.
  8. the lands end cords are suprisingly nice. i'm actually wearing a pair right now.

    also suggest ralph lauren.
  9. I was just in Brooks Brothers yesterday, and they had a ton of em. Think they were on sale too.
  10. new & lingwood of england made the thickiest cords i have see but the cut is so large at the hem so i have them resized by my tailor .they are made the old fashion way ,you can't wear a belt with them,only as is or with suspenders .on the opposite for thoses who like very fine cords paul smith have the finest & more silky that i know .
  11. Mountain Khakis , of Jackson Hole Wyo. and Charlottesville NC, has a geuine, heavy duty corduroy pant they call their Cottonwood Cords. They're terrffic,but definitely a casual/ rustic jean-type pant. Around $79 and available online from numerous sellers. MK's own website is mountainkhakis.com. Highly recommened for what they're intended for. I bought 3 pairs at the beginning of this winter and love'em.


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