Where In the World Am I?

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  1. Hello Gents! Anyone up for a game? It's simple... just look at the photo and guess where I am. After someone guesses correctly, post another photo and keep the game going. I'll start. This is from a recent holiday, visiting my cousin.
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    Interesting architecture but I have no clue where you are. Are you standing next to Waldo by any chance?
  3. Here's a hint: It's somewhere in Europe.
  4. Looks a little like somewhere in Germany.
  5. Planet Earth, Solar System... of course !
  6. Close to Germany...

    Another hint... My cousin lives in Zeewolde.
  7. Rudy Vey

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  8. Rudy Vey

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    Belgium or Netherlands??
  9. Yes, the Netherlands! This is a restaurant in Amsterdam. You're up!!!
  10. I knew it had to be Europe because I didn't see any white sneakers.
  11. :lol:
  12. This looks like a pretty cool idea. Hope it takes off.
  13. Since no one else seems to be stepping up....

    Here's an easy one. Wifey in a contemplative mood :biggrin1:

  14. Cambodia, I believe its the temple of Angkoria (not sure of the spelling)
  15. Almost correct but you need to be a little more specific please :biggrin1:
  16. Angkor Wat temple roof?
  17. Ta Prohm temple Cambodia
  18. Bingo, that's what I were looking for.... :thumbup:

    Ta Prohm, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

    An absolutely amazing place both physically, emotionally and spiritually.

    Much is the pity, Lara Croft wasn't there the day I was....... :biggrin1:

    ( Then again luckily we got there @ 6:30 am and beat the rush and the busloads of tourists )
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  19. here you go


    Yep, That is the old White Star Line ticket office, Now a Restraunt.
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  20. Cobh, Ireland?
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