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  1. Fellow shavers,

    I would like to know where you start your shaves? Meaning, do you start at the top (sideburns) and then work from there, or do you start at the base of the neck and work from there????

    I had always started at the sideburns and worked down on my WTG and also on the next XTG pass(es). Then started at the neck and worked up for my ATG pass. For the last two days I decided to be different and start at the neck for all passes and work up. I dont know why, but I got a much better shave and was much more comfortable with the process.:confused:

    Anyone else have a similar experience?
  2. It's funny that you mention it... I shaved tonight when I got home from work (rather than this morning; I had kind of a bad shave on Tuesday morning, so I wanted to give my face a little more of a break than the usual 7:30 a.m. greeting of a sharp metal object on it). Instead of starting at the sideburns, I started at the neck -- with a brand new Feather (which I corked for good measure) no doubt. The shave was really good, and I think it was because the lather was so rich and so wet. I am thinking that leaving it for last lets it dry out a little bit more than I'd like, and I can get some irritation there if I'm not super careful. I also went with very small strokes rather than the longer ones I'm used to doing. By the last, ATG/clean-up pass, I was pretty much blade buffing, because that's all that was required.
  3. I used to start w/ my sideburns, and do the neck last.

    But lately I've been starting with my neck (which is a problem area for me) first thinking (a) that is when my blade will be sharpest during my shave and (b) that is when I'll be more focused.

    That, with combined angle control and pressure, the past 3 shaves have been the best I've ever had, without a spot of irritation on my neck (a feat I thought impossible).

    I think it is probably more of a placebo thing since blade sharpness shouldn't really change a noticable amount during 1 shave, but its a enough that it works for me :lol:
  4. I start at the sideburns. I always do the right the right side of my face and neck first then the left side.
  5. I also start at my sideburns on the left then to the right. After both sides are done I do my upper lip, lower lip and chin down the neck. Second pass is the same but ATG.
  6. tim


    Right sideburns first for me. I start there because it is how I calibrate my razor angle (perpendicular, then swing down).
  7. right sideburn
    left sideburn
    right neck
    left neck
  8. right sideburn
    right neck
    left sideburn
    left neck
    uppper lip
    lower lip/chin
  9. +1 except I do an XTG before the ATG.
  10. I start at my neck from left to right the right sideburn r-side of face, l-sideburn l-side of face, never really thought about why just almost always have.
  11. Actually I begin with a thorough shave of my head with my Braun electric. Then after a shower and proper pre-shave prep I begin with the sideburns on my right, continuing down to my neck on that side. Next I do the same for the left side of my face and neck. After that I go to the middle of my neck and the adam's apple area. Finally I do my chin and lower lip area before moving on and completing the shave pass with my upper lip.
  12. sideburns.
    thats where its at.
  13. Pass 1: Right sideburn
    Pass 2: Just right of mouth on right hand side
    Pass 3: Right sideburn
    Pass 4: Right side of neck

    Not sure why that last pass starts on the neck, it's just where my hand goes and I try not to fight my hand early in the morning when it is holding something sharp and I haven't had coffee.
  14. I always start on the right side of my face and shave from my mouth out to my sideburn. I do the same on the left side and then starting in the middle (under my mouth) I shave my neck to the right, then from the middle, to the left.
  15. I start under my right ear, shaving my neck to the centerline. Then under my left ear and back to the centerline. Then, right sideburn and the right side of my face. Repeat on the left. Then my upper lip, right then left. Then my lower lip. Finally, my chin.

    However, each pass has its own varaitions.

  16. Under right sideburn
    Right Cheek
    Right neck
    Left Neck
    Under left sideburn
    Left cheek
    Upper lip
    Lower Lip
  17. Ditto...a traditionalist, bound my years of habit...:blushing:
  18. I think the starting with the neck idea is interesting - I may try that.

    For my first pass I start at the right sideburn and shave down to the jaw, then I shave down my right cheek. Then I shave the right side of my jaw/neck junction. I move to the left side and do the same thing, the shave my upper lip, lower lip/chin, and move down to the neck. I start on the right side and shave the outside (not trachea/adam's apple) then do the same on the left side before finishing in the middle. Subsequent passes change a little, but are more or less the same just going in different directions (XTG, XTG, ATG)

  19. 1. Upper lip,
    2. Sideburns,
    3. Cheeks,
    4. Chin,
    5. Neck in the following order: long central stroke, under the jaw, sides.
  20. Right sideburn going WTG probably because I'm a righty.

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