Where do you get Menthol Crystals?

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  1. I've searched darn nearly every pharmacy (Walgreens,CVS Rite-Aid, even the Stater Bros. pharmacies) in town and no luck. Every time I ask for Menthol Crystals I get uhmm..blank stares like I am asking for something belonging in another dimension.
  2. You can get them at Mountain Rose Herbs if you go this route try their French Green Clay it is really awesome.

    You can also get them on ebay believe it or not.

    Just a heads up when you do get some the measurement to use is between 5%-10% menthol crystals. I used about 10% and it is ALMOST too much plus if its not strong enough its easy to add more. If your adding it to AB/AS it will dissolve without heat if not just put the crystals in the bottle and put it in a sink full on hot water this is enough to dissolve the crystals. Oh yeah they did make the AS I used a milky color if that matters to you not so much for me. A tblspoon is about 15ml crushed, a ml is roughly a gram, there are 28 grams in an oz. I put less than a full tblspoon in a 125ml bottle and like I said its close to makin me cry when I use it but damn it feels good. :thumbup1:
  3. I think I'm gonna get the menthol there. thanks!:thumbup:
  4. I got some from a local pharmacy in the UK. Had to try a couple first though.

    Its also best to ask for "Menthol Crystals" rather than than "Crystal menthol" though otherwise you get a VERY funny reaction :blushing:
  5. I see what you did there, very funny :001_rolle:lol:

    In other news, I see you're from Reading! what's the chances of that on a primarily USA forum?
  6. I'm in Basingstoke :)
  7. nice..... although I find basingstoke to be just a dull place as Reading

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