Where Are iKon Razors Made?

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  1. Where are iKon razors currently made? Another website has them starting out in Thailand. Are they still made in Asia, or are they now made in the USA?
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  2. Thailand last i knew
  3. +1 That's what I recall also.
  4. Interesting. Thanks for the info. (Sorry about the link to that other site.)

    That reduces my interest quite a bit. I love my Feather AS-D1 and really like the fact that it is precision-made in Japan, but I have been looking for something solid, stainless steel, and made in the USA. Tradere and Weber are the only two?
  5. No. Gillette :biggrin1:
  6. Weber ($70) and Tradere ($169) are the only currently 'made in USA' solid stainless steel razors that I am aware of.
    In my opinion, both are excellent razors for the money. The Weber is a great value for the money - the handle alone is well worth its weight. The Tradere may seem expensive to some, but is exquisite in terms of workmanship, truly a piece of working art. Good luck - much enabling intended! :biggrin1:
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