What's the best synthetic travel brush?

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  1. Synthetic brushes dry real fast because the plastic bristles don't really absorb the water in the first place and they come with a neat container that matches the brush. What do you think is the best one out there?
  2. Read this : Cheap travel shaving brush

    Then L'Occitane Travel Brush $28 :

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  3. I saw it on sale for about 9.99 a while ago, too bad it was sold out...

    It doesn't have to be the cheapest or smallest, but it should be very good at the one thing it should do - make good lather. The fast drying bristles and matching case are just a bonus.

    If it helps any, I'm using an EJ small synthetic ivory travel brush. It's on par with any other brush in terms of making a decent lather but it's still limited by it's physical properties - the fact that it's made out of plastic. The bristles in general aren't as soft as a badgers' (even though the tips of mine are soft) and they don't really absorb water, it just sort of carries it.
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    $9.99 is still too much to pay for that brush. I personally can't stand it.

    The Body Shop's synthetic brush is inexpensive, readily available and works. It's a little different to lather than your average badger or boar, but I found it works really well face lathering. More details here.
  5. i would think the body shop synthetic or a nice EJ would be a good way to go. i've heard BAD things about the l'occitane brush
  6. I have an Omega synthetic brush. Even though it's not "travel-centric" brush, it does come with a stand and container than can be used for traveling.
  7. I have been considering a synthetic brush for travel as well. I think the Edwin Jagger Chatsworth looks nice, but kind of pricey.
  8. For year s I have been using a C&E travel brush that is badger. I always pack it away while it is still damp on the last day of the trip and sometimes forget to remove it from the tube when I return. I've never had a funk develop in that brush because of that.
  9. I like the Omega Syntex. It is only 8 to 10 dollars and I use mine almost everyday, both out of a mug and face. All of the other synthetic brushes in that price range aren't as good in my opinion (not as dense, too scratchy, etc), and the ones a level up may be too expensive for this purpose. There is also a 'pro loft' version if you wanted it a bit bigger.
  10. I have the Omega Lucretia Borgia - paid 33 bucks for it from Phil @ bullgoose.

    It dries fast (but not immediately) and it does a great job face lathering the shave sticks I like to use ( Valobra, Speik, QED ) when traveling.

    The Omega brushes come in their own carrying tube with a stand. I drilled some extra holes in mine for more airflow.

    I rarely use it when I'm at home.
  11. I've got one from TGN that is excellent. It's not my favorite brush, but it dries out quickly, can be ABUSED and take it all, and it's a full size brush that can take being compressed

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