What's the best cigar to try?

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  1. So I read through Ray's cigar cutting tutorial, and suddenly I'm intrigued. As soon as he mentioned "goes well with coffee" I couldn't stop myself.

    I live in the UK, and money is a little tight, so I'm looking for cigars I can get for less than £10 each (not including postage)
    I just want to smoke on special occasions, not regularly.

    In regards to my tastes, I like very strong roast java (black, 2 sugars) can't stand Marlborough Reds or Lambert&Butlers, but do like Golden Virginia rollies.

    Any help or advice is appreciated.
  2. Because choosing a cigar is as personal as choosing a cologne, you'll likely get many opinions. With that in mind here is my 2 cents...

    Hoyo de Monterrey.
    I prefer the Maduros because they are a little sweeter. Cigar International notes "This full-flavored brand is dubbed the "espresso of cigars."
  3. Thanks for the advice-I'll definitely look at that, but it appears it's actually cheaper to order them from the states (with shipping) than to order them from the uk. Which leads me to think that there may be customs charges. I don't know.
    I'll definitely look out for them in any tobacconists I come accross.
    Also, is a zippo any good for lighting these? I know matches are "the way to do it" but SWMBO is getting me the jack daniels gold effect zippo and I'd love to be able to put it to use on occasion.
  4. I always liked a Maduro which is the dark ones when I smoked. Onyx was one I liked as well as a Teamo. Nothing special, just average smokes. JR knockoff's and other 20.00 bundles we're good in the warm weather when I smoked a lot more.

    Always use a butane lighter, no zippo type fuels as they will leave an oil taste to the cigar. It will also make you looked down upon if you are with the true smokers. V cut or guilitine is your choice. The V Cut was best I found, also a bullet cutter worked well. I found the guilitine could ruin the outter wrapper.
  5. 10 pounds each:w00t:cigars are pricey in the UK.
    Coffee fanatic myself, You cannot go wrong with anything made by arturo Fuente,858s are my daily drivers,enjoy.
  6. It sounds as if you're not a "regular" cigar smoker, so I'd suggest a mild-bodied cigar to start with. Torano "Casa Torano" with the Connecticut shade wrapper fits the bill for me, at about $6 or $7 US.

    As for the lighter -- I light my cigars with a Zippo, but I get lots of frowns with it. The best way to light your cigar is with a propane/butane lighter, as it doesn't tend to change the flavor of the cigar to the flavor of naptha!

    I don't know the market in the U.K., but if Drew Estate cigars are available, take a look at those, too -- they have a rather sweet one that is infused with coffee and has sweetening on the tip.
  7. Try to find a local tobacconist and ask for either a Bolivar Petit Corona or a Montecristo #4. Both of those are smaller sized cigars and will be excellent with your coffee.
  8. You can't go wrong with Macanudos or Montecristos. I like a ring size around 50 and I always use my Zippo. I had a nice Cuban Montecristo when we were in Venice.

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    The thing with cigars... it takes a while to really appreciate them; to develop a palate for them. I'd start with something mild (that won't turn you green) but still full flavored.

    Fuente Hemingway Short Story
    Padron Londres Maduro
    Jose Piedra Petit Cazadores (Cuban)
  10. Hi there, thought I would put my pennies worth in here and I would suggest Montecristo Petit Edmundo. I think they are around £14, a really great smoke. As for using the Zippo, I don't think its the done thing. Long matches or one of those jet powered lighters do the trick.
  11. Elliot:
    Since you are in the UK and as a 'old' cigar smoker myself...how trying a Cuban Cohiba Cigar?





    Christopher :badger:
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  12. bahia trinidad, oliva series g, and though i will not smoke these bc i will not smoke infused cigars Java by drew estate and they smell amazing....That is about all i can suggest because mild cigars make me nauseous literally and i smoke meduim-full to full only. but i have smoked bahia trinidad and oliva series g they are both nice.
  13. My first cigar was in Cuba... My girl took me on a surprise birthday trip for my 40th... Was taught how to smoke and enjoy by three women who were born and raised on a tobacco plantation...

    The cigar? Cohiba Siglo III

    PS... My recommendation would be to block out 3 hours, and enjoy with a friend and a rare bottle of single malt scotch (or 17 year old rum ;)
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  14. Ok...so. Went to the tobacconist and asked him what he recommended. I picked up a H.Uppman corona junior as a tester. I quite liked it, and would definitely smoke one again.
    However, SWMBO doesn't want me smoking them or anything so it's a special occasion only hobby.
    Thanks for all the advice, and I'm definitely winding up to trying a cohiba.
  15. Mine didnt either but she bought me a humidor for my birthday and now im not under her control when it comes to cigars but i only smoke like once every three weeks...
  16. I went to a cigar shop in Christchurch, purchased the most expensive cigar I could afford (I think it was almost NZ$100) and smoked it with a couple of friends.

    I've never smoked a cigarette or cigar before - but I was celebrating in style!

    My ex had gone from my life and given me full custody of my daughter and although I could barely afford it, it was the best $100 I'd ever spent!

    I just wish I could remember what it was.
  17. My favorite smoke for the last couple of years has been the Rocky Patel Edge Toro Maduro. A fine smoke.
  18. Just like blades, different ones work differently for different people's taste, go with a few sampler packs to find the one you like

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