What's in your briefcase/bag?

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  1. While I was sitting here in a Southfield, MI hotel room (week 2 of 5 up here) browsing a couple of forums I frequent and looking at briefcase and bag threads, I thought it might be interesting to see what everyone carries in their briefcase or bag. What is your briefcase or bag of choice? What do you carry? Share a picture if able.

    I'll be honest-mine is a little more stuffed than normal because I'm travelling at present. Apologies for the iPhone pics-it's all I had with me, and it does a better job than the Blackberry in the picture...


    • Saddleback Thin Briefcase in Chestnut
    • work Blackberry and power cord
    • iPhone charger and earbuds
    • iPod Nano (so I don't drain my iPhone on long flights)
    • noise cancelling headphones for flight in bag
    • electrical accessory bag for computer
    • power cord for computer
    • HP Elitebook laptop
    • sunglasses
    • water bottle
    • mini first aid kit (blue box)
    • leather padfolio
    • car keys and desk keys
    • gum
    • small Moleskine
    • pens and highlighter
    • business cards
    • lip balm
    • book (picking up a Kindle Fire this weekend)

    Let's see what you guys are carrying
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  2. I used to live in Southfield, MI. Don't really miss it to be honest.

    Here is most of what I have, minus my iPad and/or laptop and stethoscope in a SBL thin briefcase.

    Some research items, books, opthalmo/otoscope, multitool, light, extra magazine, pens, power cords and headphones in the small pouch. Maybe some snacks at times.
  3. Also just posted this in the briefcase thread:

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    Filson 257 Computer Briefcase. I'm in IT and usually have my 14" Lenovo, iPad, Kindle, chargers for everything, book for whatever cert I'm working on, accessories like pens/pencils/sharpie, ethernet cable, leatherman, Quark MiNi 123 LED Flashlight, 2nd gen iPod Nano, Shure IEMs, and Moleskine.
  4. In my Tusting Clipper: iPad, pen, glasses, USB flash drive, cell phone, wallet, Leatherman. Travel light. Amazing briefcase, by the way.
  5. Shoot I am still using a 1980's LL Beans nylon back pack.
  6. Ipad, Notary seal, affidavits that I typically use for mortgage closings, white out tape, 2 pens - usually a Lamy ball point/ink and a Parker or Pelikan fountain pen, thumb drive, iPhone battery back and a Moleskin. I use a Manhattan Portgage bag until I go for that Mitchell one of these days.
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    A knife - Laguiole, a pen (Retro 51), and a Samsung Android tablet.

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