What's a "pass"

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What's a pass

  1. One stroke only on an area

  2. More than one stroke on an area

  3. Other

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  1. When I do a pass, I don't go over it more than once. If I do go over a spot I consider it buffing and usually wait until the final moments.

    Do you all consider a pass still a pass if you go over the same area with 2 or more strokes ?
  2. I use 3 passes...WTG, CTG & ATG. :thumbsup:

    [​IMG]"A good Lather is half the Shave". William Hone
  3. The way I see it, a pass is something that happens after you lather up.

    So, you have done a 3 pass shave when you completely lather your whole face, shave, relather, shave, relather, and shave.
    If you add extra strokes in between lathering or blade buff between lathers it doesn't change the amount of passes you have completed, just the amount of irritation you create per pass.
  4. Mike H

    Mike H Moderator Emeritus

    That is my interpretation as well.
  5. Yep, I do multiple strokes per pass, despite having heard "no blade on the face if no lather there" but really, I will go in that same direction a couple times in a spot before i move along. Then I've completed a pass. I'll relather and do another pass the same way. Etc.
  6. During each of my passes, I take short strokes (approx 3 strokes in the same spot, a couple inches long (YMMV)). By the time I get to my second pass, the majority of my stubble has already been removed and my skin is pretty slick and lubricated. I can even take some strokes without cream being present, without worrying about razor burn (light pressure with the razor). Watch some videos on Youtube and you will see how different folks use different strokes.
  7. Oh, I have seen more than the normal share of videos, it just occurred to me that I may be doing something different and I was curious if I was alone in not re-shaving the same area during a pass.
  8. So if you lathered up and performed 2 with is that just one pass?
  9. Niles

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    I agree.
  10. +1 - well phrased.

    I can get away with putting blade to skin more than once on some spots - sideburn areas, lower cheeks & balding area on my head. If I so much as day dream about that on my outboard throat areas I'll start turning red...

    Not to hijack the thread, but would using rinse water (I shave with a basin) to lubricate be considered lather?

    I ask because I find this technique particularly useful on the back of my head and for touch ups on my throat area.
  11. What's a "pass"?

    Walking right by the Fusion cartridges in the drug or grocery store with a smug smirk on my face :001_cool:
  12. I always figured one "pass" was applying lather then shaving all of it off. A "second pass" would be putting lather on a second time and shaving all of it off.
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  14. a pass is what you do when an ugly girl hits on you...
  15. I voted Other. To me a pass is whatever happens between latherings. You can lather once and go over your face 5 times, and it would still be one pass. (Although it would feel like 50 passes, and you'd be an idiot -- I mean, a blade-buffing berserker. :wink:) I've been doing less blade-buffing lately, and it really helps to keep irritation under control.
  16. This is a tough one. I do quite a few little strokes to make up one pass.
  17. +1 so voted "other"
  18. My interpretation is a "pass" is one complete removal of lather from my face, utilizing the razor for most of it, rinsing any little bits left over from enthusiastic lathering. Therefore, my vote is "other".
  19. Kentos

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    I try not to go over any spot without lather when DE shaving. It helps my sensitive skin avoid burn and what not.
  20. Toothpick

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    lather+shave whole face= 1 pass
    re-lather+shave whole face again= 2nd pass

    lather+shave right sideburn= 1 stroke
    +shave right cheek= 2 strokes

    basically each time the razor is removed from your face to rinse or whatnot is a stroke
    when your whole face has been completely shaved is a pass

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