Whatcha riding, bicycle-wise?

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  1. It's bike season! Some cash came my way and I just got my bike back from the shop after some much needed work and upgrades. I had it decked out as a speedy, track-style thing, but use it as a commuter, so I finally gave up the last of my hipness and made it a commuter, with a rack, saddlebags, more ergonomic handlebars, etc (although, the grips are handmade in portland, so I still have retained SOME hipness...). Also, new pedals, brakepads, and fine-tuning that I put off for too long. I know there are some other bikers here, be it racers, commuters, or just plain bike-for-the-fun-of-iters. What are you riding?
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  2. A Specialized CrossRoads that I bought back in 2001. It hasn't failed me yet, but I can also say it won't be my last bicycle.
  3. A well modified GT Nomad.
  4. IRO Angus with Cane Creek Velos wheelset while I wait for my Della Santa custom.
  5. Riding a new Trek 2.1 compact crank. I also use it to commute but mostly for long rides.

    BTW, if anyone is interested - I am riding in the 24 Hours of Booty in Charlotte, a 24 ride to raise money for cancer research and awareness. It is a Livestrong Event.

    Our team is Team Jordan, named after one of my high school students who is battling leukemia right now.

    If anyone would like to sponsor my team go to: http://tinyurl.com/o6vus5
  6. my Trek 820 is still going strong after 9 yrs or so.
  7. Great bike. I used one for 7 years. Bought it in 95. It was stolen a year later and recovered after 8 months. Miss it a lot.
  8. I have an ancient Univega with Columbus double butted tubing and Campy components.

  9. Trek 7.3FX.
  10. I ride a Diamondback hybrid. I ride a lot of paved trails and a little on dirt/gravel. I can't recall the model, but it was their top model in 1998 when I bought it.
  11. Whoa, Hipster, yet Urban Utilitarian. You are crossing and combining genres, you rebel, you.

    My genre is Freeride, as All-mountain is too trendy and popular to be respectable. So I roll (the kewl kidz say roll, and not ride) a Turner RFX. 6.4" of travel, you can pedal up and bomb down. Which is exactly what I do. I'm off the back of the pack going uphill, but no one can catch me on the DH.

    Highlights: Cane Creek Double Barrel shock. Formula Mega brakes, Hadley Racing hubs. I built it up myself.

    Ubiquitous FR pix below.


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  12. Legion

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    2008 GT Peace 29're and a fixed road/track bike I built myself.
  13. First off....LOVE the bike Wundergussy...are those MKS pedals or knock-offs, whichever, the look is great. Try hard to keep away from the man-pris though:wink:

    Anyway, I have posted my rides before, but here they are:

    My TT bike...its pretty much taking most of my miles now...its TT and multi-sport season after all and you gotta get the back used to the position

    My favorite pic of my favorite bike...My 2007 De Rosa Avant, Campy Record, atop Mount Amiata, the high point in Tuscany, July 2008. Its an all carbon weight weenie geek machine that weights 14lbs 8oz. It is also my current race bike. If I posted any smaller a pic, you really cant see the bike, so sorry.

    My 1992 Merckx re-issue of his 1968 Giro D'Italia winning bike...it was repainted and updated to all Campy Chorus in winter of 2005. This bike has at least 40k miles on it.

    My cyclocross bike...used only for racing and only from October to January. Yes, it too is sportin' Campy! In this pic 1992 8 speed Athena scavenged from the Merckx resto.

    My requisite fixie...also Campy, but with a bunch of Miche thrown in as well.

    My old Orbea race bike c.2004-2007. I set it up as another fixed but don't have pics.
  14. A beautiful 1998 LeMond Zurich, with a steel frame and carbon fork. Slightly modified (I can't afford a new Ultegra group but my STI barfed, so I got a cheaper set of STI shifters/levers). With ancient, lightweight Sampson Stratics Ti pedals.
  15. TimmyBoston

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    1993 Schwin Frontier. My folks bought it for me when I was 12.
  16. We need to see pictures Tim...:wink:
  17. Brompton...the only bike that will fit in my apartment!
  18. Now that is style!
  19. Specialized Roubaix Triple is my road bike. I've done three Cycle Oregon rides on it so far. I also have a Diamondback Sorento that I use to commute to work part of the time (I have five miles of gravel road between me and the pavement).
  20. TimmyBoston

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    Yeah, it's a pretty schweeeeet ride. And yes you have to pronouce it exactly like that, schweeeet :wink:

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