What would you wear to Carnegie Hall?

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  1. This Friday evening, my lovely girlfriend and I will be attending a performance of an orchestra and Jazz legend, Wayne Shorter at Carnegie Hall.

    This will be the first performance that either of us have attended at Carnegie Hall, so we are a little unsure of what we should wear. We have attended operas and ballets at The Met in Lincoln Center, but we are not entirely sure if a concert at Carnegie Hall requires the same degree of formality that you would expect to see at an opera (although, unfortunately, the degree of formality these days is exponentially decreasing).

    So my questions essentially boils down to: Do you guys think I should wear a suit, or will a blazer and pants suffice? My top hat and coat tails are out at the cleaners, so that's not an option :euro: :shifty:
  2. I would always rather be overdressed, than underdressed.
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    According to their website "we have no dress code. We want you to be comfortable. " Enjoy the show.
  4. Wear your Tux, if your tails are out......Or your dinner jacket....What would James Bond do?
  5. Doc4

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    Dark suit, just no pinstripes.
  6. For a jazz concert, I think a jacket and pants are fine. Carnegie Hall definitely has a more relaxed feel than the Met. I would only think of wearing a suit to that if I were going straight from work or sitting in Prime Orchestra... and then I probably would wear a jacket and pants (and I always wear a suit for the opera).

    Enjoy the show! Shorter is amazing.
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  7. I agree with all this. And the fact that it's a vintage jazz crowd makes the jacket and slacks even more apropos. Enjoy your concert.
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    "... high class place with a high class crowd;
    sign on the door 'No Wolves Allowed'."
  9. Practice, Practice, Practice! Oh wait...
  10. I have a suit very similar to this, I'd wear it or a similarly striped blue suit with out the tie all night long:thumbup:

  11. Black suit, white shirt, with a skinny tie?
    Dressy but cool
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    Not to pick nits but ... those look much more like chalk stripes than pin stripes. (Pinstripe: narrow & close together; chalkstripe: thicker and farther apart.)

    Pinstripes have their origin/acceptance/natural-habitat in the business world. Wearing a pinstripe suit to the banker's board meeting = good; wearing it to the club at night, or a wedding, or a casual afternoon = bad.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If you have a suit that is a chalk-stripe like in the first photo, then I'd say for sure it's a good "jazz club" suit ... much more suited (get it?) to casual events where you can be "bolder", than to a boardroom meeting or other business setting. (That's where the suit in the second photo is more appropriate.)

    So I think we're both right. :001_cool:
  13. A nice jacket with slacks would be plenty. This would be a little more casual than a full suit.

    Then if you want more, throw on a tie.
  14. Just to follow up,

    I decided on going with a suit and tie and was WAY over-dressed compared to most. As I suspected, many people were in jeans and sweaters, lucky to find someone who wore a blazer here or there. Oh well, I still looked good!

    Thanks for the input, folks!
  15. You were warned.:laugh:

    I'll bet it was a great show. I'm envious. Congrats!
  16. It was a great show! Wayne Shorter just released a new album, so both the album and the performance that evening have received stellar reviews so far. I encourage everyone to check out the album if you are looking for some new, progressive jazz to listen to!
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    So, did you feel uncomfortable and awkward in the suit? Or did you feel fine?
  18. I enjoy dressing well, so I felt fine. I don't think I could ever truly feel uncomfortable in a suit while in Manhattan, as they are so prominent given the culture and business of the city.
  19. Doc4

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    The key is to be able to hit that "sweet spot" where you don't feel uncomfortable being the only guy in a suit, and you don't give off that "you slobs should be in a suit too" vibe that some guys can get into (which may well be a defence mechanism for feeling insecure about being the only guy in a suit).

    Then you just sit back and enjoy the tunes!!

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