What WERE they thinking? :)

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  1. This wouldn't go down too well today (my wife would kill me if I started using one of these! :).
    I guess things were simply different back then...

    All revealed here
  2. I now must find one of those!
  3. Probably used Tabac shave soap in there.
  4. My thoughts exactly!
  5. Beat me to it! Although I'm pretty sure that's how Tabac is scented in the factory. :biggrin:
  6. mdunn

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    I must have one! or in failing that - I must make one!
  7. I don't really like the idea of stale cigarette smoke scented shave soap.
  8. Cigarette smoke is horrid. The last thing I want destroying the Zen of my shave is the smell of smoke.
  9. CIGARETTES:drool::drool::drool: I quit, but I keep having cravings... But like SlagleRock and ndw76 have said, the idea of smoke on my soap is not nice.
  10. Yes cigarettes are nasty, but a nice petite morning cigar could be a nice addition to the morning routine on some mornings, along with a nice strong cup of coffee.
  11. When I used to smoke a fine cigar was something to be savoured. Now that I have quit I still like the classiness of it, but I can't stand the taste.
  12. I don't know which is more disturbing, that someone patented this or that YOU found it. Man, what kind of porn have you been surfing for? :lol:
  13. Heh! :001_smile
    What I was originally looking for was actually this, but came across that marvelous device in the course of my research. Old patents are a great source of information about "old school" products and technology (such as shaving soap) - particularly if (like me) you are interested in developing your own.
  14. Not much of a Patent when he tells you exactly how to make it. Let me know if you whip up a batch. :smile:
  15. Actually, the idea behind the patenting system is (or at least was) to give the public exact information on how a new invention works and how it can be reproduced, in exchange for granting to the inventor a time limited monopoly on exploiting this knowledge.

    This way both the inventor and the general public profit, because the inventor doesn't have to worry about other people or companies stealing his invention and the public gains useful knowledge that may be used by anyone, once the patent expires.

    A great idea, until the patent trolls showed up... :mad3:
  16. That's what I thought - until I read the quantities prescribed. If these were followed acording to the patent, the final soap would be massivly alkaline - probably to the point of causing severe skin irritation (possibly even mild chemical burns). A 50/50 mix of potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide making up about 30% of the mixture before saponification is far too high. I guess what he was actually trying to patent was the concept of replacing the tallow with stearic acid (which is a common practice these days) and the addition of borax.
  17. So this is basically a scuttle. Does the cigarette keep the lather warm?


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