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  1. Hi everyone,

    It has been 4 DE shaves for me now. I have a Commy DE, Astra blades and Palmolive stick (aus). So far I am loving but obsessed with a BBS shave,

    Anyway, what should I do with my razor after wards, i.e 4 days used and the blade is showing sign of rusting, what si the norm procedure for after shave car for the razor/blade.

    Also, I use Witch Hazel and Nivea sensitive balm afterwards. Please remember budget is an issue.

    I do have some RED Persona's and Feathers waiting but I am talking it easy so as to master the art.

    Looking forward to more great advise.

    Thanks for all the help so far.
  2. For what it is worth, I take my razor apart after every shave (I have a three piece DE89 razor), and rinse the razor blade until clean, and then stand it on a dry facecloth to air dry. I clean and dry the razor head pieces and dry the handle before reassembly with the now dry razor blade. It takes a few minutes but keeps the kit gleaming.
  3. I too take my razor apart and dry it off at the very least. I have a stand for it after I reassemble it as well.

    4 shaves and leaving it wet is just a recipe for rust. And about time, if not past it, to toss that blade and go for a new one. I tend to replace mine every 2 or sometimes 3 shaves, but ymmv.

    As for your aftershave routine. Everybody has a different one. I cool down my face by splashing it with warm water and slowly transitioning to cold. (2 or 3 quick splashes) Then I use an alum block to close it all up, and then apply a nice Aftershave Balm. (Currently loving either the EJ Sea Buckthorn or the Queen Charlotte Soaps Cedarwood and Lemongrass if I can pry it out of my girlfriends hands.)

    Also, don't look at other blades as being something you have to work towards. They aren't monsters that are going to jump out and bite your face! They're just another slab of metal to use as a tool. you might find that even though they are the sharpest of sharp, they just won't give you a good shave if they don't work with your skin. So just continue down the road you're on working on technique and when you are ready to try them, be confident that it'll just give you another shave. They won't do anything another blade won't.
  4. I take the cap off, Remove the blade

    Rinse it, then Towel dry all parts of the razor until shiny.

    I then stand the blade leaving on the razor handle until the next shave. (I dont like having the blade in the razor when taking my SOTD pictures)
  5. Welcome to B&B. I just rinse my razor really well and shake it. Then I put it on a towl on its side so the blade doesnt come in contact with the towel. I do not have rust issues, but then I usually change my blade every 3 shaves. After the third shave I take the razor apart and dispose of the blade. Every two weeks or so I clean it with a soft toothbrush and some mild handsoap, to keep the soap scum at bay.
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    Welcome to B&B.

    A lot depends on the blade. If it is carbon steel and not stainless, I dry the blade after rinsing off.

    For most of my blades (which are SS) I rinse the blade in the razor under hot water, shake it a few times and let it sit out for a minute or two, and then I dip it in isopropyl alcohol and put it away.
  7. Welcome. Learn. Enjoy!
  8. Welcome to B&B! 3 and out with blades no matter how well the shaves are going.
  9. After every shave I wash my DE86 with an old toothbrush and mild liquid hand soap solution. I brush between the blade and the body of the razor careful not to cross the blade with the bristles. Once any scum is removed I rinse in hot water, shake, then dry with a towel again taking care not to cross the edge on the razor. After three shaves I remove the blade wash and dry the three pieces and reassemble. I then put in a new blade next time I use it....
    Not sure if it's a good thing to do for the blade but it seems to work for me and I've never had rust...
  10. Welcome!
    I rinse, shake, pat the razor dry with a towel, then hang it up on plastic hooks in the cabinet. I don't disassemble or open (tto) the razor until blade change (three to four shaves). I do this with carbon and stainless blades and have yet to have a problem.
  11. Unlike most of the people here, my razor only comes apart to change the blade. I just give it a good rinse, a shake, and hang it on its stand. Never any problems with rust or anything, although there is some soap build up, but all that does is make it less shiny. A few minutes at the end of the week brings it right back to shiny new condition. I think it works out to less time that way then taking it all apart and drying it anyway :001_tongu
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    Welcome. After each shave I take the blade out, wash it completely, and hang it on a string suspended from the ceiling with a small razor hook on the end. I give it a slight push and the swinging motion air dries the blade in just a few minutes. Then I remove it from the hook and oil it with a light coat of my special blade oil: 1 part boiled linseed oil, 2 part grapeseed oil and 1 part BiNak ( a special trumpet valve oil made from mineral oil). I apply this with the end of a wine cork (preferably a dry white) filed to a 15 degree angle - always going in only one direction. While this dries I clean the razor with a small piece of my wife's wedding dress. Then reassemble and place the razor in the stand, spit over my shoulder and call it a day.

    No, wait . . . I rinse the razor and then dry it on a towel. I use Med Preps (changed every Sunday) and have no rust or buildup. But find a routine that satisfies your soul. Mine is apparently easily satisfied in this regard.
  13. If you're getting rust it sounds like you're using carbon or surgical steel blades.
    I like to play with vintage blades from time to time and when I do I go through my usual post shave routine of a hot water rinse and wipe down of of cream/soap residue then depending on if it's a TTO or older 3 part either open the bay doors just a tad and do a rinse or turn the head open enough to let the water rinse stubble and residue out then tighten or close the razor and give a few light taps into my shave towel.
    If I'm running a vintage carbon/surgical steel blade I'll pour a bit of 90% rubbing alcohol into my mug and give a quick swish and let dry.
    As to your personal post shave routine it sounds to me like you're a belt and suspenders guy like myself about the only thing I do different is do a post shave wash with water on the warm to hot side(do that and you feel the slippery cream/soap residue wash away) then do a 45 second to full minute ice cold soak to sooth the face and neck,then pat dry,do the WH and Nivea balm and let the balm dry while I do my brush,mug and razor clean up and finish my shave off with what ever AS strikes my fancy that day.
  14. After the shave, I simply blow the water off through the sides of my TTO, wipe the razor off with a towel, including a soft wipe of the blade in the opposite direction, and place in a dry, large coffee mug. Once a week I give the razor a good cleaning. If you shave every day, you should have no problems with rust.
  15. Great post :biggrin1:
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    Two questions: (1) in what direction does your ceiling fan rotate? Do you change the direction every other shave? (2) what part of the wedding dress do you recommend be used?

  17. Will dipping my razor in 70% alcohol (with the blade installed) affect the blade?
  18. +1. The extra minute or two keeps my razors looking like they just came out of the box. I blot the blade (not wipe), flip it and return it to the razor.
  19. I don't like handling blades anymore than necessary, so I would never try to clean and dry them. Four shaves and they are in the bin. Astra's work out to .0922 cents per blade if you buy 100 at Amazon, so that works out to .023 cents per shave. That blade doesn't owe me anything else.
  20. so how long was your hospital stay and does the divorce lawyer cost much? :blink::blink:

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