What the Weck is this?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by nemo, Oct 28, 2010.

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    I've got some German Weck DE razors (they look like Merkurs, my last one from bythebook, thanks) they're cool, but this one has me stumped. Made in the USA?

    The blade is long like a Durham Duplex, but single edge, and the handle is stainless.
    Any idea on the year? I've got no clue -- Help!, I'm not even sure how to get the blade out safely.

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  2. Whoa! Open comb Injector!

    That's what I'm talking about. :cool:
  3. My friend's father worked for WECK 20+ years ago. From my understanding, they mainly made hospital/surgeon's tools.
  4. It's a Weck now Pilling-Weck surgical prep razor from back in the days when we still did actual shave preps, we use clippers now. They haven't been made for several years, probably the mid to late 80s when we transitioned to the plastic throw away razors which are still around but hardly used. Someone Seraphim I think has an Aesculap straight razor that he found in the wild. Not sure what blade it will take.
  5. If it has a part number on it I may be able to get some info from my pilling rep.
  6. That thing is BA! I want one!

    It looks like it takes standard hair shaper blades.
  7. I think the blade just pushes out like a modern injector. It's probably rusted in there. I'll look into some info and get back to you.
  8. back in the day hospitals used them to shave patient private parts
    i think :huh:
  9. WOW nice looking razors.. The one on the left kinda reminds me of the new Gillette Guard recently launched in Inida without a pivoting head.
  10. Used to? .I recently had a hernia repair and got shaved with a straight razor by a surgical technologist because I was allergic to the depilatory. .It would have been amazing in terms of speed and efficiency if it hadn't been so scary. .It's odd you mentioned "private parts" as I asked the lady why the straight razor and one of the reasons she gave was that it was better for men. .It was over with so quickly I didn't get a chance to ask her why men.
  11. Gotta admit, its' kinda cool looking.
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    Any prep? :ohmy:

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