What the heck is 'shaving powder'?

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  1. Quick Google Search and this is what I have for you:


    There are a few brands of shaving powders on the market that have been formulated for help stop razor bumps-- these can usually be found in the shaving section of your drugstore. Shaving powders are used instead of a razor; they chemically cause the hair to be removed from the skin.

    You may find success with shaving powder. The key for all men is to test the product on a small area of the face to make sure there is no adverse reaction or irritation associated with the product. Depilatories can be irritating to those with sensitive skin.

    You should always follow the specific instructions on the label for the shaving powder you have chosen. In general, the process involves mixing up a couple of tablespoons of powder with an equal amount of cool water to create a soft paste. You then apply the paste mixture over the area of your beard, without rubbing it in. Allow the paste to remain on the beard for 3-5 minutes, then remove with a spatula using smooth strokes (avoid scraping). DO NOT LEAVE ON THE SKIN FOR MORE THAN 5 MINUTES, as the skin may become irritated or burned. Wash thoroughly with cold water and make sure that all of the product has been removed from your skin. Avoid contact with the eyes, and do not use within 36 hours of shaving.
  2. Or you could try battery acid. Cheaper and quicker.:sneaky2:
  3. Generally speaking, shaving powders refer to 'depilatories'.

    However, Williams and some other shave soap brands made a shaving soap 'powder' at one time, generally pre-1920. It was a powdered soap in a shaker type dispenser, that was shaken onto a wet brush head then face lathered. These companies also produced shave soaps as creams in a tube, bottled shave soap liquid, soap cakes, and shave sticks as well.

    You'll only find these shave soap powders rarely at eBay or antique shops.

    -- John Gehman

  4. Science content warning: depilatories are lye-based and therefore basic not acidic. However, the end results are the same in this case.
  5. Lets try some of it!!!:thumbup:
  6. In 1991 a good high school friend decided to try to use Magic Shave. I dont know what the Sam Hill he was thinking. He had the the most serious chemical burn I have seen, even until this date & here it is nearly 2 decades later and I still cant help but laugh at the memory of the site of him, & then after he told all of us what he did.......Add water to this instant classic. I'm sure it was because the average, white 17 year old has such a huge necessity for shaving powder. All hail the sublime ignorance of our youth.
  7. Actually, that sounds neat to me. I wonder why no company today produce a soap in a powder form to be used like that.
  8. It's primarily made for black men. They can have a serious hard time shaving due to the beard hair being very curly and resulting in bad ingrown hairs.
  9. When I was in the Army back in the '70s the majority of black guys were using Magic Powder - very few shaved with a razor. I recall the product having a pungent odor . . . half a dozen guys in the latrine using it at the same time was a little overwhelming!
  10. Do not use Magic Shave if you like your face.
    Do not use Magic Shave if you breathe frequently.
    Do not taunt Magic Shave.
  11. Whoa! Depilatory for the face? I don't think I'll even experiment with this one...:001_tongu
  12. htownmmm

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    It does remove beards-along w/ skin!

    How true::yikes::yikes::yikes::yikes:

    I would love to know who to sue!

    I like my face & breathe frequently. However, years ago when suffering from razor bumps I too went down the 'magic road'. The slurry wasn't on my face longer than 75 seconds before I ran to the bathroom and turned on the cold water full force onto my face. :yikes::yikes::yikes::yikes::yikes:

    Big mistake as the force of the water in combination w/ the 'magic shave' caused the majority of the first 2 layers of skin on my face to slough off into the sink-not a pretty sight to see a formally black man now with red skin remaining on his face. i would have screamed but the pain hit my nerve endings around that time and my facial muscles just locked into place out of fear of moving. Too bad I didn't have tape of the moment-a definite 1st place on America's funniest home videos.

  13. +1 Some African-American soldiers actually got doctor's notes that they could not shave. And trust me, I'm not laughing or smiling when I type this. They were break out in horrific bumps if they did shave.
  14. Even if those fellers used a single blade razor??:confused1
    That sounds miserable.
    To me not shaving sounds like a description of Hell.
  15. Actually, I've had four troops over the past year who had shaving waivers. And after a quick PIF and some instructions all were able to shave daily and have come off of their shaving waivers. I find it ironic that so many here know how to make it work and many African American members have found ways to make it work, but Dr's just recommend depilatory creams, disposable razors or in the end simply giving up and awarding (if you can call it that) a shaving waiver.

    I worked with a guy in Iraq (American) who was of Middle Eastern descent and he had horrible Folliculitis. They put him on a long term waiver. After his waiver time was up I suggested a DE (gave him a beat up old Tech) and about 20 different blades. He started using the DE with HeadSlick shave cream and his Folliculitis didn't return. I got an email from him about 5-6 months after our tour in Iraq was over and he said he shaves 7 days a week without issue and as long as he doesn't try to let his whiskers grow he has no issues.
  16. From the packaging, if I just walked quickly by the stuff on the shelf I'd probably think it was either cheap beer or old school motor oil.

  17. That picture's not from Osaka! :lol:
  18. Whaddya mean?...it's um...well, you see...uhh..a friend gave it to me. :blushing:

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