what straight to start out with for a newb with a light beard??

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  1. Hi,

    I have a friend who is about to jump into the art of wet shaving and is dying to try his hand at straight razor shaving. He currently shaves with cartridge razors and has a light beard. He has no DE or straight razor experience currently but wants to jump right into straights.

    Can you recommend a quality straight razor for his lighter beard type and the basic other equipment a starter should have?


  2. You don't buy a razor to match your beard type. Any razor will do. He should just buy what he likes as long as its a quality blade.
  3. Reading the straight razor guide it seemed to indicate different versions of straights were better for different beard types...my mistake.

    Is this a decent starter straight?
  4. Having just gone through this myself, I would suggest watch BST and SRP until you find a vintage straight in shave ready condition that you like. I bought a razor that was well liked for beginners, but I didn't like the feel of it or the looke of it at all and decided to return it. Additonally a strop is needed.
  5. JPM


    Looks like a pretty decent razor to start with. Generally, I've heard the advice that for beginners a 6/8 or 5/8" blade is a good starting point and that carbon steel is easier to keep a sharp edge with. That blade looks like a full hollow ground and I've read in places that sometimes it is easier to start with a half hollow or quarter hollow ground blade because there is less flex. Having said that, I started with a full hollow ground 6/8" blade and like it quite a bit.

    A strop such as a Filly is something he will need also.

    Good luck to your friend!
  6. My first blade was a Dovo from Classic Shaving. It got the job done.

    +1! I think that might definitely be a better way to go. Less expensive and possibly better quality.
  7. People on these boards are highly trained professional shavers, and can detect subtle differences that the average person would never notice. Basically, a newbie can learn on pretty much any razor as long as it's in good condition and properly honed. You only need to get picky later on in the journey.
  8. Awesome! Thanks for the response everyone. I'm looking for a straight for him on the BST section of the forum and ebay. Wish I had been able to pickup that Feather Artists Club Stainless Steel straight razor for $135 that was sold the other day.. that was an awesome deal! :)
  9. I suggest the new'ish Dovo made C-Mon Blackie - around £70.00, very contemporary look (in black) but traditional too. Very well made! He'll also need an alum bloc - £8.00, a strop try Cyril R Salter a strop paste and hone stone - around £25 for both. Oh and a styptic pencil as he's gonna cut himself until he gets his technique right.
    C-Mon Blackie for me boys!
  10. http://www.executive-shaving.co.uk/shaving/new-products/c-mon-straigh-razors.php
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    different grinds & sizes are pretty much just personal preference - technique is the main thing.

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