What should me next RazoRock soap be.

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  1. I am really enjoying my XXX. What other varieties in the RazoRock line do you guys like? I enjoy herbal, earthy smells.

    The thread title is an abomination... Of course, it should read "What should my next RazoRock soap be?"
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  2. Third eye in the artisan line has a nice sandalwood sort of scent with a touch of lavander

    A really nice scent overall
  3. I would suggest the new 888. It sounds like it would be in your favorite scent range and, I've never had softer skin after a shave then when using this soap. Get the matching AS lotion too to really complete it. But any RR you choose, you really can't go wrong.
  4. Price

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    What should me next RazoRock soap be.

    Avast! JCM be correct, ye can't go wrong. If yer partial to lavender, King Louis be fantastic, says I. Arrgh! :pirate:
  5. Marco

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    They are all fantastic. Flip a coin...
  6. Sullybob

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    Anything from the Artisan line, Thirdeye is great as is MDB. The Chianti Lavender is great too.

  7. Not to hijack the thread, but I keep hearing Third Eye being described as a sandalwood scent. What other product would you compare it to, scent-wise?
  8. I'd also try the Artisan line. I've only received one RR from that line - Mughetto di Bologna and really enjoyed the product. You'd want to stay away from that specific scent though as it is flowery. I don't have the best nose but I've heard of it being described as Lilly of the Valley, which I would agree with. I really like it but if you're looking for earthy I'd check out a few of the other scents.
  9. Sullybob

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    I'm not a sandalwood expert but Third Eye doesn't smell like any of the Sandalwood products I have used. I don't know what I would compare it too.

    FWIW I've used AOS sandalwood soap and balm, D.R. Harris sandalwood AS, SCS sandalwood AS and EDT, and a several different varieties of sandalwood bath soap.
  10. Joseph from Italian Barber describes it as a "Sandalwood hybrid"
    I'm not great at describing scents but I would have to say that the sandalwood is very understated and unlike anything else I have tried
    (truefitt & Hill,TOBS and GF Trumper as well as Fendrihan Artisan line)
    It has a more floral woodsy scent
  11. Third Eye is sort of an intriguing name. What does it smell like?

    Speaking of, is there a guide anywhere, from a vendor or such, that gives a description of the scents, or at least the fragrances that are used?
  12. The Italian Barber gives a description of some of the Razorock soaps but not all of of them
  13. If you like earthy and herbal, try King Louis. My favorite, though, is Muguet de France because it's so slippery.
  14. Get them all. Problem solved.
  15. DaveL

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    Try Fresco. It has a nice clean refreshing scent.
  16. where can i order RazoRock in Europe, any ideas? :confused1

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