What should I get My Dear Old Dad for his Birthday?

Discussion in 'The Barber Shop' started by christhach, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    So my dad is turning 75 this coming Saturday. He kind of have everything he wants as far as I know. I'm getting him a Blues CD from a local band I know he'll dig, but other than that I have no idea what to get him!

    Any of you with old dads out there that you gave a well-received present to?...or any old dads out there that once got an awesome present from their kids? What was it?

    Dad is just not a DE or straight shaving convert by the way. I tried three years ago, but he's just not that into it. He prefers his electric (shudder).

    Also, I frequently do small things for him, like fix his computer, put lightbulbs in around his home, etc.

    Any ideas are appreciated!
  2. Any books that he likes to read? Maybe his favourite show on DVD? Maybe a trip somewhere? Maybe restore something old of his, or better yet if you have something that his Dad owned that you could restore.
  3. My old man's birthday is coming up. I'm getting him a nice everyday FP with some ink. He should like that. He does have a good montblanc but I figured I'd give him something more sentimental and something you can use for everyday as that Montblanc is a pain. Or take a hobby that he has, and get something personalized for him. Even if he only just wants to sit on the porch and drink beer, get him a cool painted cooler and a customized beer can holder :D You know, anything that would relate to him.
  4. I've got a novel answer to your question. If your Dad has all the material things he wants/needs, how about the gift of your time? One of the things I wish I had done with my parents (who are both dead now) is to spend more time with them while they told me stories about "the good old days" of their youth. You could also video his stories for your family geneology, and that might be an invaluable document for your kids and grandkids.

    Even if all you do is spend some "guy time" together doing whatever he prefers, that's a present that I can't imagine any father would not enjoy--and you might as well!
  5. John:
    [​IMG]...that's what In gave my Mom on her B-Day...more of my time and she loved it. [​IMG]

    [​IMG]“Your Father's birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of ‘him’ to the world”. Author Unknown
  6. I take it he was born in '37?

    Get him this first-edition printing of Steinbeck's 1937 masterwork, Of Mice and Men.

    If not, The Bay is a great place to source other year-specific vintage gifts.
  7. Doc4

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    Go online to one of those "make your own coffee table photo book" places and make a coffee table book filled with photos of his grandkids ... or stuff from the past or whatever ... things he'll like getting out and looking at repeatedly.
  8. You guys are fantastic! Thanks so much for the great ideas! I love B&B and its members above all others. Time to become a contributor!
  9. Does you Dad need a pocket knife?

    If so, get him a nice Barlow knife.

    They have a classic look IMO.
  10. Don't know what you'll think of this, but my mom is 82 and for one of his recent birthday's I got her three of those safety flashlights that stay plugged into an outlet. When power shuts off, they light up and act as emergency lighting. Plus, they can be pulled out and are fully charged, ready to use as a flashlight. Anytime her power goes out, she's sure to call me and tell me that the flashlights are still working. Good luck.
  11. Or anything to re-fill his bar and/or humidor perhaphs? [​IMG]
    [​IMG] "The greatest gift is a portion of thyself". Ralph Waldo Emerson
  12. saf


    If he is in to blues the complete recordings of Robert Johnson would be my idea. All the old blues guys and classic rock guys love him. Clapton has redone several of his songs. If he has that any old blues is a great idea If I do say so myself.
  13. Mike H

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    Could you take him to lunch, or fishing, or a basketball game, ... something you can enjoy together?

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