What should be my next choice?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by BigDawg, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. So my first razor was a Gillette Superspeed Blue tip, which i still have in its case. Only used it three times because it didnt give me the shave i liked because it is such a light shaver.
    My dad gave me his Merkur 23c long handle and used that since i got it last year.
    I have since acquired a gillette fatboy (2.95 version.)(which i like this razor, will use it again sometime)

    I just recently bought a Merkur HD and Merkur HD slant bar.

    So what should be my next razor? I just got the HD today in the mail, feels great in my hand, makes my 23c feel light.

    I was leaning towards an Edwin Jagger DE89L.

    But tell me what you think would be my next best choice of a razor!
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  3. gem. 1912.
  4. You already have the basics including your slant. If you've got your technique down, (a year should pretty well do it) and you think a new DE is in your FUTUR, I'd recommend a FUTUR, (my fav):thumbup1:

    Well, you asked:thumbup:

  5. Based purely on your user name, I'll say a Gillette Big Fellow or a Gillette Bulldog. :laugh:

    But the EJ is great from everything I've heard, and I love every other product of theirs I've tried, so that would be a good direction also.
  6. Give a serious look at the Merkur Classic 1904, a really great shaver. :thumbup1:

    Have you given any thought to the straight? :001_rolle
  7. Merkur 11C; HD w/ open comb.
  8. Also a good choice. The 1904 and 11C are on my list. Except I want the 1904 open-comb.

  9. If you like the way that HD feels in your hand, you may enjoy using a 40s Aristocrat. You get a close yet comfortable shave and the handle is user freindly. I think you could dip it in mineral oil and still not feel like it would slip in your hand.

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