what razor is the mildest

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  1. i am just wondering what DE razor is the most mild. i know the bluetip is gentle but, are there other options
  2. 40s Tech
  3. The Schick Krona is very mild.
  4. Flying Eagle is milder than Slim 1.
  5. I would say a Gillette Tech razor, whether it be a fat handle, or a ball-end type.
  6. Gillette super adjustable set at 1 is about the mildest razor out there. Followed by Schick Krona, then Tech, then Welshi, then DE89
  7. Agree that a Gillette adjustable on 1 is probably mildest, then the Krona, then the Tech without the D-shaped holes, then the black tip SS, then the black-handled SS, then a blue tip. (The last three are pretty similar.)
  8. +1 I also find the Krona milder than my Techs.
  9. Weishi. :)
  10. Wilkinson Classic (made by Treet). Way milder than a Tech and one can doubt if it has any use at all but there it is; the mildest razor I ever came across.
  11. +1 on 40's SS, Krona, Tech, adjustable set on 1-2.
  12. you want mild, i once picked up my 1922 ball end and started to shave, only to realize there wasn't a blade in it, that was supremely smooth :)

    seriously though, i find my grand shave king's to be very mild
  13. Flare tip here.
  14. dpm802

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    The mildest razor in my collection is an English Ball-end Tech.

    The mildest that is in regular rotation is my Merkur 34G HD with a Derby blade.
  15. JM


    I've read the Parker 65r is very mild, still waiting for mine to come in the mail...
  16. This piece of junk no-name vintage razor is the most mild

    After that, the Tech's with the straight holes in the base plate, then a Krona, then the Techs with the triangle holes. The adjustables can be set to a mild number, but their heft still encourages the razor to be more aggressive than the Techs. For the same reason, the aluminum handle Techs feels more mild to me than the other Techs.
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  17. rockviper

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    Weishi or a Slim on 1. Despite the bade gap, I found a Futur on .5-1 to be a mild shave as well.
  18. Lord L6, very light.
  19. Mike H

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    Goodfellow is supposed to be a very mild razor. So is the the 2010 Muhle R41, and Merkur 11C.

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