What razor gives you the closest shave?

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  1. I don't have a super heavy beard, but it grows quickly and coarsely enough so that by bedtime it can be quite scratchy - or so my wife tells me. Among the razors I own today, the closest shave comes from a Progress dialed up as high as I can stand it. Is there anything that shaves closer (short of a straight razor)? Or should I just give up and go for a quick nighttime one pass shave?
  2. I don't have a Progress to compare with, but an Open Comb Micromatic may be worth a try.
  3. I find that a Gem Single Edge 1912 gives me the best and longest lasting shaves of any of my various DEs and SEs. Another good thing is they can be found very inexpensively, have a nice design, and are intuitive to use with no irritation (for me at least).
  4. Depends on the morning...any competent razor can deliver the same level of closeness as the next. It is up to the user to make it happen.
  5. I'm not convinced that's true. If it were there would be no point in adjustable razors. And I do get a closer shave on higher settings on both of my adjustables.
  6. It is true. I can get just as close of a shave using a Gillette Tech as I can using an Muhle R41


    BUT... Understand I have been shaving for over 45 years so sort of got the "hang of how it works" by now.

    If you are looking for something that will give you a closer shave while you continue to develop your technique I would recommend you try out a slant or one of the older single edge razors or an injector razor and compare the shave you get with one of those to the best you can get with your progress dialed all the way up.
  7. I've probably got you by a few years so I don't think that practice or technique is the issue. And I still don't understand the concept that all razors deliver equally close shaves. If that were so, why would you ever use an adjustable - or why would you ever set it on anything but the lowest setting?
  8. Muhle R41 2011 is possibley the closest shave you will get with a DE, but not so comfortable. Wow, if you are using a Progress on its highest setting and not getting good results, it would seem that your technique needs more practice. No offense, but when i first started that was what i thought, but since improving my technique after more than 14 months, i get great shaves with my Weber DLC and my Progress set on #2.
    Good luck to you.
  9. Fatboy on 9 seems to give me the closest shaves of my DEs. And I get my best SE shaves with my 1901 GEM Jr. Bar.
  10. +1 Get a MMOC or Clog-Pruf and see what you think. They don't cost much, either.
  11. My closest DE shaves come from a Merkur Vision followed by a Merkur 37C (slant) and 34G (HD). They all give excellant shaves. My closest shaving Gillette is a Slim, excellent razor. There are many DE razors never tried that could be closer shaving, or not.

    For me, the best DE is the one that gives me the closest shave with the fewest number of passes over the same patch of skin while having an acceptable risk level of nicks, weepers, or irritation. Other good DE razors may require more work to get the same result or may be unacceptably harder to use without blood or discomfort. Many razors, but not all give me good shaves with an adjustment of technique. Blade choice affects the result.
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  12. i like feather blades with my gillette fatboy (much appreciated badgerfat!!)
  13. Gillette new with a 7 o'clock black. It gives me my best shave and least irritation of anything I've tried.
  14. Cobra
  15. You will notice that everyone who responds will give you a different answer. All of them are correct.

    Everything/anything will give you a perfect shave if you use it properly.
  16. All (competent) razors are capable of delivering the same shave. Some people prefer different razors based on many variables and certain razors will "work better" for different individuals. As for an adjustable, some days I enjoy using the R41, others a DE89...an adjustable offers a range in one razor.
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  17. Leresche OC
    Joris OC (smoothest as well)
    Gem OCMM
  18. YMMV will vary with every razor and blade....
  19. I like the shave I get (BBS) from my Merkur 38 HD Classic Barber Pole. I also like the shave I get (BBS) from my Merkur 46C. The 46C is less aggressive, but I can get the same results. I also have a Gillette Super Speed Flair that is more mild than either Merkur and, while it takes more work/attention, I can get an equally close shave (BBS) with it as well. I don't use the Gillette due to its having a shorter handle than either of the Merkurs which fit my hand better. If I could pick only 1 DE, it would be the Merkur 38 HD Classic Barber Pole. The only reason I hold on to the Gillette is it is a near mint birth year/quarter razor, so mostly a collection item.
  20. Muhle R41


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