What pocket knife do you carry?

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors!' started by TimmyBoston, Dec 4, 2008.

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    Title, says it all. Time to show off those knives, boys.
  2. I carry with me, at all times, a Leatherman Wave, a 200 Lumen LED flashlight, and a swedish firesteel.

    these things i have carried and always will carry, just in case.
  3. This would be a good time to recommend something sturdy as I am in the market for a good quality knife. I need something that retains a good grip even with mitts or gloves on and is easily accessible wearing winter weather gear. Size does not matter as long as it is efficient. Also looking for a good flash light and windproof matches but the knife is more important. Thanks guys!
  4. Leatherman.
  5. TimmyBoston

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    In my limited experience I have found Kershaws, every model of theirs I've seen, to be outstanding. I'm sure someone else will be able to chime with with a particular model to fit your bill.

    Edit: Also out of the box, if you do choose a Kershaw, it will literally be sharp enough to shave with. :wink:
  6. Normally carry something UK legal, like a sub 3inch slip-joint. For instance Queen canoe in D2 or a Case of some description.

    And if i have a good legal reson for a knife, Sebenza or Benchmade 707. :smile:
  7. I carry a Smith and Wesson locking folder 3" blade, the rubber grips on the sides fell off it as well as the name badge of S&W and all the paint has worn off it and the grip is just about totally stainless now, but it was only about $13 and is made in china :lol: but I use it all the time to cut and or open one thing or another, it is about 4 years old and I can't kill it no matter how much I abuse it.

    I have a couple nice knives including Benchmade, SOG, Kerhaw etc but after losing a Spyderco I think delica model that apparantly slipped off my pocket :mad: I only carry the more expensive and heavy duty knives when necessary :wink:
  8. a Trevor Ablett..sheepsfoot...sub 3inch for everyday carry

    one day i will get me a Sebenza...not yet tho
  9. I carry a Gerber. Don't know the model. Skeletal handle, polymer coated (teflon?) handle and blade. Had a Schrade Old Timer for years in the navy, dropped it into some dark compartment onboard and never found it.
  10. Either a Benchmade Griptillian or Stryker, depending on need, or a very small two-blade Victorinox if in a suit.
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    I carry a Husky knife at work, it has a box-cutter (I upgraded the blade to a bi-metal Titanium) and a 4" spear blade. Cheap and very effective.

    I carry a Wenger Matterhorn in the car ... too many functions to count, and too bulky/heavy to be considered as a pocket knife.
  13. I always carry my Leatherman e302 pocket knife.
  14. For everyday carry I always have a Letherman micra on my keyring and a Kershaw chive in my pocket http://www.thekershawstore.com/Kershaw_Chive_Plain_Knife_p/k1600.htm. If I will be needing a knife for more serious chores I carry a Kershaw Blur http://www.thekershawstore.com/Kershaw_Blur_Plain_Knife_p/k1670blk.htm. I like Kershaw knives and have not had any issues with them. I really like the SpeedSafe assisted opening feature on both of these knives. It works great and I must admit has a certain "cool factor" to it:cool:.
  15. pal


    Fellas, if it does not say Solingen on the blade, you are not carrying the finest. I usually carry 'Kissing Crane', "Hen & Rooster' or 'Bull Dog'.
  16. Absolutely. I alternate between a Karl Schlieper and a Boker. Both in stag. Its hard to beat German cutlery.

  17. As a Christmas gift I get a new pocket knife every year, its a tradition in my family, and I am currently carrying a Schrade. It has been a good knife, seems to hold an edge and can take a beating
  18. My 35 year old Puma "Junior".

  19. slcsteve,

    Very nice Puma!!!

    I will try to get some pics up tonight of some of my knives.


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