What John Wayne Shaved With

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  1. Big surprise, the manly "Duke" seemed to prefer electric razors and baby powder, but is that a Hoffritz Slant I see tucked in the back there?

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  2. If the paperwork with it proves it..worth the buy
  3. Isaac

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    Seems he liked the Vegetal....ROFL!!
  4. So does this mean Rock Hudson used a lady Gillette then?
  5. +1
  6. Looks far too clean to actually have belonged to the duke. My dad's bag from the same era is pretty crusty.

    Neat link tho!
  7. I didn't put up the actual link because it's a pending auction, but just Google "john wayne auction." It has gotten a lot of press. These items have all been released by the family after 32 years of sentimental hoarding.
  8. I think he shaved with an old rusty Bowie Knife, and still got a BBS every day! Afterwards he would splash on some MoonShine for a nice burn!
  9. [​IMG]

    You think one on four's a dogfall?

    I mean to kill you in one minute, Ned.

    Or see you hanged at Judge Parker's
    convenience. Which will it be?

    I call that bold talk
    for a Cat Pee wearing fat man!

    Fill your hand, you aquatic wearing son of a b***h!
  10. I never knew John Wayne had diaper rash. I wonder if those are the same kind of electric razors Wyatt Earp used.
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  11. Oh, lordy, lordy, Gumby! You are, without doubt, the funniest man on this forum. No close second. Not even close! :lol:
  12. What's the Pinaud with the red cap?
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  14. Someone pulled the old switcheroo on the Duke!?

    You'd think he would have at least had some Spoilers in there.
  15. Oh geez. The Duke was a Veg-Man. Next thing you know we'll be hearing Clint wears Drakkar Noir.
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    I was only saying a week or so ago, when someone bought the Lone Rangers straight razor, I would buy the Dukes razor if it ever came up. If I had more money, and that lot had provenance, I would too.

    I still can't believe he wore the Veg. That's great. :lol:
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  19. I wonder what Chaz Bono uses?
  20. Just think, 32 year old Lilac Vegetal. Beautiful.

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