What is your underarm deodorant of choice?

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  1. So guys, one of the things I appreciate the most with DE shaving / wet shaving is leaving that Gillette goop in the rearview mirror and now using/applying quality, natural shave creams/soaps to my face. I’m wondering, are there any products like that to replace the goop I apply under my arms every day?

    Currently I use … yep…. Gillette Roll on Arctic Ice. Its expensive, does not last very long and I find myself worrying about its chemical content these days.

    Is there anything else out there that is better?

    What do you guys use?
  2. Arlington, Speick or Irisch Moos.
  3. i found a bunch of Juicy Dirty English deodorant that i love, and use it after a quick application of thai crystal
  4. Old Spice
  5. I think it depends on how likely you are to sweat each day. Do you work in an office? Is it air conditioned? Or, are you doing physical labor each day during which you sweat a lot?

    Like you, I am not a big fan of the super market brands. I have been enjoying Nancy Boy Signature deodorant. It comes in a pump bottle and smells great, but the scent does not linger for long. However, I have not found it able to do the job if I sweat a whole bunch. If I know I am going to be working up a sweat I use Tom's unscented.

    Let us know what you try and like once you have settled on something better than what you use now.
  6. Thai crystal is the only thing I use since I gave it a try. Works great for me, last forever and because it's scentless it does not clash with any aftershave or cologne that I use.
  7. Old Spice!
  8. arm and hammer unscented....
  9. +1 for Old Spice. Love the Original scent. Anti-perspirent, not deodorant.
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  10. Old Spice.
  11. Niles

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    I go back and forth between Speed Stick regular scent and Old Spice Original scent.
  12. Whatever is on sale when I need to buy it. Currently that's Irish Spring.
  13. Old Spice Fresh, or Mitchum unscented if I'm wearing cologne
  14. Old Spice all the way
  15. Anything Tom's of Maine
  16. I use MenScience Advanced Deodorant. It's unscented and aluminium free.

    I'm on the lookout for something that works as well as the Menscience but doesn't contain Triclosan though. I live in hope!
  17. That's right.
  18. Alum block.
  19. Old Spice High Endurance
  20. dpm802

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    I like Trader Joe's Unscented stick ... it has little cotton fibers embedded in the gel that help keep you dry all day long.

    Second choice goes to Tom's of Maine Unscented or Calendula, but the TJ's is much cheaper and easier to find.

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