What is your earliest TV memory?

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  1. I'd like to test my theory that there is a relationship between birth year and earliest remembered TV show.

    What year were you born, and what are the first shows of which you have any memory?

    I'll start:


    Earliest shows--Superman (with George Reeves,) Car 54 Where Are You?, Mickey Mouse Club.
  2. Born late 1954, I remember in late 1959 Hugh Hefner's Penthouse Party with Lenny Bruce. It was a gas! Subsequent shows with Nat Cole, Chet Baker and other jazz artists and scantily clad buxom women surely led to my love of both.

    By the time I was nine I was shooting smack and had the clap.
  3. 1960. I also remember Superman and Mickey Mouse Club. Kookla, Fran, and Ollie. I'd have to think about what else, but I do have a funny memory of not realizing that I couldn't talk back to the people on TV, and I was trying to talk to Soupy Sales through the TV speaker.
  4. I was born in 1952. The first show I remember watching was "Sealtest Circus". Other kid shows or shows that came on after school were Science Fiction Theater, Superman, Highway Patrol, The Whirlybirds, Mickey Mouse Club House, Howdy Doody, Ruff & Ready, and Wizzo the Clown (Local Kids Show).
  5. professorchaos

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    The Banana Splits Adventure Hour!

    I was born in 1969 and production stopped in 1970 so it must have been a rerun.
  6. Born 1954

    Vague memories of:-

    The Woodentops
    Billy Cotton Band Show (Wakey Waaaaakey!)
    Andy Pandy
    Flowerpot Men
    Tales of the Riverbank

    Ever likely I turned out to be odd (shaving with extinct gear; writing with a fountain pen and blowing a trumpet as my hobby).
  7. Born 1983

    Without a doubt, Monday Night Football with my dad. Every week I asked my dad for a sip of his beer, thinking I would maybe like it that time. :lol:
  8. 1962, Leave it To Beaver.
  9. 1986 NLCS. My dad woke me up from his lap just when Carter ran up to the mound after the last out. Diehard Mets fan ever since.
  10. Born 1978

    MASH. I remember wondering (and asking) what the people were wearing those masks for... Every time I hear that song it reminds me of the house we lived in until 1983 or so.
  11. 1949. Captain Video, Howdy Doody, Highway Patrol, Sky King, Kookla, Fran & Ollie, Lassie & TheToday Show with Dave Garroway!
  12. 1971. Combat, Starsky&Hutch
  13. 1964...
    Watching the evening news with my mom & dad, looking at Vietnam coverage and hoping to catch a glimpse of my uncles.

    Sonny & Cher...

    Laugh In.....

    The Carol Burnett Show...

    The Flip Wilson Show.....

    My folks were really into variety shows ....:rolleyes:
  14. Limey

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    The news around the Vietnam War. I remember not understanding MIA and KIA. I really got confused with guerillas.

    I recall the Lawrence Welk show.

    I also remember the variety shows like Carol Burnett, Sonny & Cher, etc...
  15. 1959... the first time I remember watching TV was the Apollo 11 Moonwalk...
  16. 1972. BJ & the Bear and Battle of the Planets
  17. Born 1940. Didn't see my first television set until I was 12 or 13. Earliest show I can remember? Might have been Larry King.
  18. 1964 Neil Armstrong on the moon is the first I remember.

    Also a show called Nightmare Theater. We came home late one night, and I remember to this day watching a lady turn into a snake.

    Speed Racer, Scooby doo.

    Variety shows, MASH, Happy Days.

    We watched Wide World of Disney and Welk, every Sunday.

    MNF..da da da daaaaaaaaaaaa...

  19. 1969.

    Sonny & Cher on Saturday Nights. We'd always make popcorn for it.

    At my grandparents, they always watched Lawrence Welk on their black & white tv.

    Sesame Street.

  20. 1947.

    Mickey Mouse Club, Winky Dink, Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger

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