What is your best money saving tip?

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  1. I started wet shaving again with a DE early this year. I did it to save money on the horribly expensive cartridges. Well, it appears I was being a bit naive:blush: . The AD's are starting to build up and I want new razors, old razors, blades, brushes, soaps...yipes:w00t:.
    So, to keep myself out of bankruptcy court, I am looking for tips on how to save money while enjoying the hobby and feeding my ADs carefully.
    I'll start. The best tip I've seen so far here on B&B is to buy the soap refills and mill them into your own container the first time. If you like it a lot, want to make that soap a part of your regular rotation, and the manufacturer's bowl appeals to your aesthetic sense, then buy the fancy bowl. This saves half the money on the ones that don't make the cut.

    What is your best idea?
  2. My best money-saving tip:
    Stay off of Badger & Blade. :laugh:
  3. When you figure it out, let us all know. The various ADs are killing me. :wink2:
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    go buy a fountain pen...you can save money there too.
  5. +1
  6. SoGR
  7. double.edge beat me to it, but I'll add my +1, also.
  8. THIS!!!:thumbup1:
  9. All who pass this way, prepare to meet thy (financial) doom.
  10. DMT


    Budget, if you actually take the time to sit down and make a budget you'll be less compulsive and think before buying.

    What I do, my self is set aside a small amount of money each month like 20 or 30 then after 4 months or so I treat myself to some shaving stuff, I have 80 -100 in disposable money so I can splash out on something expensive or stock up on a few cheaper items I'd like to try out and put the rest back into my shaving stuff fund.
  11. I'm not sure about a money-saving tip, but as a method for managing your desire or AD: try taking stock and writing everything down. Just seeing everything I had made me realize I don't really need to buy anything right now.

    Then try coming up with a plan. I decided to start shaving seasonally, so I arranged all my soaps, creams and aftershaves by season. Limiting myself to two or three, I realized I couldn't even fit everything into this plan. (Although I did realize I needed a lavender aftershave, so my purchasing took on a method).

    Or you could try the johnniegold/3017 approach and use one soap/cream exclusively. I will probably switch to this method by the end of the year.
  12. In all seriousness, after an initial bout of RAD and other ADs, I've settled down and find myself spending very little. Feel free to trade soaps and other stuff in the Never-Ending-PIF PIF thread. Or trade the stuff you don't use on B/S/T.
  13. Oh, I've been down that garden path. Pelikans, Auroras, Watermans... :001_tt1:
  14. and a nice watch, too.:lol:
  15. Performance 'trumps' price every time!!! :thumbsup:

    [​IMG] "Lead us not into temptation. Just tell us where it is; we'll find it". Sam Levenson
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    Move in with your parental units. Not only will you not have to pay rent (hopefully?) but you'll be so sick to your stomach you'll cut your food bills in half.

    Oh! Wait! This isn't the clown house.... Grow a beard. Seriously, though... Just stick to what you have and know works.
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  17. I have no bleepin idea.
  18. +1! Yeah...no kidding. Talk about developing ADs after spending considerable time here.
  19. Yeppp
  20. The AD stuff will level off at some point. That point is different for everyone. For me at first I wanted to try everything: razors, soaps, creams, blades, aftershaves, and so on. After a while you discover the stuff that works the best for you. I fell in love with certain razors/blades/products after a while. So you stock up on those items a little bit, then you realize you have enough stuff to pass on to your great grandsons 50 years in the future.

    Did you ever notice how many "den reduction" sales are on B/S/T? After almost a year in, I'm almost at the point of having one for razors and products I'm not using.

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