What is the "Shave Secret"?

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by Brewha51, May 21, 2012.

  1. Bought this shave secret stuff and have been using it but dont know if it's actually working. Don't know if I can chalk it up to placebo or not. Anybody use and swear by it?
  2. I use it when I shave with a straight, or a particularly aggressive DE. I put about 7 drops in my palm and rub it on before my lather and it works as well as any other pre-shave oil I've tried. It advertises itself as a straight up shaving oil, no lather needed, but I've never used it alone. But as a PSO it works great.
  3. I've only used it as a pre-shave oil. I think that it works pretty good, though I don't use it that often. I saw it at Wal-Mart and thought I would give it a try.
  4. I could tell you but then......
  5. I use it as a pre-shave oil as well.
  6. I used this without any goop/foam/lather for the last few years I was cart shaving. I honestly liked it much better than any canned stuff I had tried.
  7. $this_thread_is_worthless_without_pics.gif
  8. I find it the same as any pre-shave oil...
  9. I've used it on its own years ago with cartridge shaving and liked it then, especially for travel. And the price is right.

    I don't like oils anymore, must have been a phase.
  10. Works as a preshave oil. I don't care for the wintergreen smell.
  11. I think more than a placebo, it can help make up for poor lather especially (if the lather isn't slick enough this should help). Plus maybe some other poor technique issues (blade buffing too much), so I think it can be more than a placebo. But it's only if it helps you, I don't notice a difference, yet I've used it a few times, I think I can be a little more aggressive since it helps the slickness a lot. Or maybe just be lazier with my technique.
  12. I use it when I shave around my goatee
  13. I'm not big on the clove oil scent, but like it as a pre-shave oil, still using soap.

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