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  1. hay everyone i want to start useing a single edge razor, like a gem or something but dont know enough about them. what is the best razor to get to start out with, and what blades should i use
  2. I have and use three different GEMS so have some experience. My recommendation is that you try what's known as a G-bar pictured here:


    or one of the closed comb Micromatics, like the first razor shown in this post:


    There is also a open comb Micromatic pictured below the first, but IMO that's a more aggressive razor and may not be to your liking.

    Make sure to get good blades for it, and read about proper shaving angle and you'll be all set. There's a lot of info in the Safety Razor forum you can easily find with a search.

    Good luck.
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  3. I have four Gems: a 1912, the closed comb Bullet Tip Micromatic, a Featherwieght, and a G Bar.

    Of the 4, I would recommend the 1912 as the best to get your start with.

    All Gems are capable of producing incredible, close shaves, and the audible feedback of the hairs being shaved off is super cool!!

    I would avoid the Open Comb Micromatic for the time being, as it is super aggressive, and requires that you handle it with lots of care, to avoid being cut.

    Also, be aware that the term Single Edge Razor also encompasses the Schick Injectors which also have a loyal following on this board. The Schick Injector looks, and feels a bit like shaving with a cartridge razor, although the blades are much thicker, and non-flexible. :thumbup1:
  4. edited my post above to say that I'm not recommending the open comb Micromatic for the OP.
  5. Thanks for the clarity. :thumbup1: I understood that is what you meant, and was more, or less seconding your suggestion that the Open Comb Micromatic is not an appropriate first Gem razor.

    My first experience with a Gem was actually the Open Comb Micromatic that I got for $3 at an antique shop, however, I knew it's reputation, and took it very slow the first time out. I had a excellent first time out with it, but I think my positive experience might be unique, and a new Gem user is better served with a 1912, or a G Bar. :thumbup1:
  6. A very mild starter is a featherweight. I ended up favoring the Clog Pruf.
  7. To start, 1912 (named for the patent date). This one's from Ever Ready, but nearly identical examples are available from GEM, Star and others.


    Cheap, abundant and one of the best shaving razors ever made. My second choice for a starter would also be the Feather Weight, a great and nimble little shaver (the two white handled razors in this pic, also shown are two Ever Ready 1912s, a gold GEM 1912 and an open comb GEM Micromatic).


    But if you really like the SE, you'll probably end up wanting one of these.... A Gem Jr. Bar, we call this style a "Lather Catcher", and they shave as cool as they look. This one's from 1908...



  8. My first retro wet shave was with an open comb Micromatic. And though I managed to escape injury, the experience was a harrowing one. As others have mentioned, it would probably not be the best one to start with.

    Anyway, I'll probably just chill out with my Slim for a while until I get the technique down.
  9. For me, I find the Micromatic Clog Pruf is the most aggressive, followed by the Micromatic Open Comb and least is Micromatic bullet tip. They all require a slight adjustment on the best angle.
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    This should be in the SE forums, but i say Streamline all the way.
  11. my favourite is my g-bar
  12. The MM Clog Pruf is my favorite Gem razor. Added benefit...its cheap and widely available. Also built to last 200 years.

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