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  1. ok guys i was just wondering what everyone uses, for a shave mug,and what one do you think is the best. and i am not really all that interested in scuttles that much more of a mug guy. i really like the way the burt's bees mug looks. and kinda wish i had one of those rubber mugs. but want to know what you all think
  2. My own take is that a lather bowl should be about 4.5in to 5.5in diameter, 1.5 to 2.5in tall, with a non-white, glazed interior so you can see the lather develop, made of crockery or stoneware to retain heat, and cheap, $1-$5 at Wal-mart, Target, K-mart, etc.

    I've been quite satisfied using a bowl of this size and find most mugs to be somewhat confining. If you already have a bowl like this in your cupboard, some much the better.

    I avoid 'purpose made' shaving bowls/mugs --they're a poor value and most are unsuitable for lathering.

    Most 'purpose made' soap bowls offered by shaving vendors (C&E, EJ, and the like) are too small and overpriced, IMO. While many of them are quite attractive and can be quite high quality, I find them to be inadequate for the lathering task. These are best used to simply hold a cake of soap and are not used as a 'lather bowl'. These are soap bowl/containers offered by some brands of triple-milled shave soaps and the container is sized and specifically made to hold their product.

    In use, the user loads the brush on the soap held in the bowl, then builds the lather directly on the face. The bowl is too small for any other usage.

    The exceptions to this are some of the offerings by potter-artisans who make scuttles and bowls for the on-line wet shaving community.

    -- John Gehman
  3. my current mug i use is a old spice mug, works but not the best ya know
  4. I have always used bowls or mugs, but recently picked up a scuttle. The scuttle has ridges inside so creating a later takes seconds. I love it.
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    What's the best bowl?... The one you're currently using of course! Okay, okay...
    I found mine at a local crafts show for $3 apiece. Hand thrown and signed by the artisan.
  6. My face! Face lathering is more entertaining to me.
    However if I do decide to use a bowl when i'm trying out a new cream or something. I picked up a cheap black bowl at ikea that has served me perfectly fine.
  7. I use regular coffee mugs. I go to the Goodwill and Salvation Army and ARC stores a couple times a week and look over the selection of mugs and bowls in the housewares section. I got a set of 4 Old Spice mugs for $2.50 :w00t:, a handmade pottery mug with a pour spout that is great for setting the loaded brush against.
    IMHO, I would rather choose from a wide selection and get an actual 'feel' for it, and get a great price than to buy some of the more expensive mugs or bowls. I am still looking to find a Dirty Bird brush scuttle at one of these stores.
  8. The apothecary style mug, which is what the Burt's Bees is, are pretty poor for building a lather. They do look good and are nice for warming a brush or holding soaps.
  9. I picked up a knock off of a Corningware mug at Big lots for $2.00

  10. I use this one and it is currently holding 2 pucks of Tabac. It is a stainless steel coffee cup by Coleman. The soap fits perfectly and I am happy.
  11. I have a Burt's Bees mug and really like it. Very nice for holding soaps and working up lather. There are several versions/brands with the same basic shape out there. Be careful because I've seen insanely high prices on them from various vendors.

    Other than that I use old coffee mugs. Really, that's all.
  12. An odd thing about the topic of shaving bowls on B&B is that it always sets of a "race to the bottom", with people who would not hesitate to spend a hundred bucks on a razor tripping over each other to brag about how cheap their bowl is. I've always been tempted to write "a street person gave me five bucks to take this bowl off his hands" as a way of short-circuiting the discussion and getting the most points. Anyway, my own view is that all of your equipment should be as fine as you can make it. Here is my bowl, which I am liking more and more each day:

  13. hey at least I'm consistent, everything I use is cheap!!
  14. I use the Hart Shaving Bowl with Brush Rest from Classic Shaving. It's super lightweight resin.

    I can't stand their soap though. You get a free puck with the mug. Choose something that you'd like to use in the shower. Don't waste your time trying to make it lather.
  15. I really like this one. It was cheap, .59, but I love it anyway :biggrin1:
    It was made in Japan, when the was the norm was quite a while ago.....maybe it's an antique.
    I tried a heavier cereal bowl, I like this better, it's easier to hold.
  16. I really like my Edwin Jagger bowl. Its the one that flutes out on top and has a little round handle. Its a little small but I still love it. 37$ was spendy but I am glad I purchased it.
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    My favourite bowl is a sturdy glass bowl purchased last month at IKEA for € 0.69.:thumbup1:
  18. As it seems to be the cheaper the bowl the better, mine was free.:biggrin: It is a larger, double handled mug from Costa Coffee. It was the wife's, but she found it too heavy to drink from. We liberated it from Costa years ago. My cake of Erasmic fits perfectly...


  19. See my thread soup or shave.
  20. I just bought this after reading this thread. Haven't used it so far so we'll see how it goes, tomorrow morning.

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