What is the Best Safety Razor to Start With?

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  1. As mentioned in other forums, I am thinking of switching from my Gilette Fusion Power razor and Gilette shave gel to a Safety Razor. I am going to be using it to shave both my head AND face. What is the best safety razor for a newbie like me going to be to start with? (I've heard a few strong reccomendations for the Merkur HD (38C) )
  2. Merkur Futur. NEXT!
  3. Luc

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    To start with? Mmm, you will get a lot of different answers.

    I would recommend one of the following:

    -Gillette Tech
    -Gillette Superspeed
    -Merkur HD
    -Merkur Classic or 1904
  4. Edwin Jagger DE89L
  5. Muhle R106
  6. OOOPS...
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    Will try to fix that in a minute...
  7. +1 on the HD.
  8. lol,

    the muhle , Edwin Jagger, and all merkurs have the same head , and therefore should give the same shave

    just chose the one you like the look of best,

    or get a tech as well, they can be found in shaver condition for like 5 bucks and up

    i have 3 or 4 now and love them all
  9. garyg

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    Tech, better shave than the pot metal Merkurs, much more economical. Or Gillette Superspeed
  10. I just started with my first de shave sunday and it was with a Merkur HD. Gotta give it credit for good quality craftsmanship, nice balanced feel and I really like the grip. It doesn't get slick when you have lather/soap/water on your hands. It leads me back to the sink each day with confidence that as long as i polish up my technique this razor will do its job.
  11. As a former head shaver I might advise that you find a razor that is less agressive to try out on your head. There's nothing worse than finding your razor has decided to take more than you are willing to give. I used 69 superspeed and made a point of using an exfolient on my head when showering. Don't, I repeat, don't rush it it :)
  12. Again, I ask, WHY HALF-STEP? Gem Jr. 1912...Period
  13. Another vote for the Superspeed.
  14. +1 on a Tech, or Superspeed. Both excellent choices for a new wet shaver, or any wet shaver. :thumbup:
  15. I had great results with the Merkur HD, and continue to use it today. :tongue: :001_rolle :biggrin:
  16. luvmysuper

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    Red Tip Superspeed. You won't regret the decision.
  17. +1. The Super Speed is pretty gentle and helped me refine my technique. Tech would also be good and gentle. Merkur HD is nice if you worry about used razors being "up a hobo's ass" and dirty but otherwise I'd save the moolah and go used Gillette- with Barbicide or other sterilizer. :001_smile

    My Merkur is with a friend as a loaner, but I shave with a vintage Gillettte...
  18. Merkur Progress...the only razor you'll need.

    Start at 1 then adjust as you get better.
  19. I'll second that. Been using mine for about a month. Love it!
  20. Cannot argue with this recommendation. The red tip is mild and aggressive in the same razor...meaning IMO it is aggressive enough to tackle heavy beards but still forgiving enough to qualify as a good noob razor...load a red personna in it and you're ready to go!

    (my best red tip shaves are achieved with the redSquare as I call it, a red personna in a red tip...can't beat it but of course YMMV)

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