" What Is The Best Safety Razor For A Beginner? "

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  1. What is the Best Safety Razor for a Beginner who wants to be able to adjust the razor from 1-9 and what setting would you start out at so you wouldn't get any nicks and cuts?

    Also, I'm looking for one that you can shave fairly fast with...my wife complains that I take too long to shave.

    What are the best and safest razor blades that I can get where I can get several shaves out of each blade? For my age I'm embarrassed to say that I never learned the correct way to shave...I've always shaved against the grain to get a closer shave with a Gillette Razor using the sensor ultra and I usually end up nicking myself!

    Are there any Tutorials for someone like me on the proper way to shave and what to shave first...second...and last...and what kind of strokes to use...like downward strokes with the grain etc.?

    I've heard about the Fatboy and a Superspeed Gillete...don't know which models though!

    I appreciate all your help!
  2. A good starter adjustable can be a Gillette Slim Adjustable, or a Gillette Fatboy. They often come up on the BST section of B&B for $25 or less.

    Speed comes with improved technique, it'll be slow going at first (30+ minutes) but after a while most can cut that down to 15 or less.

    You can check out West Coast Shaving for a blade sample pack to find one that suites your needs: http://westcoastshaving.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=2&zenid=a0e0f92630f2b2bda48a2d01993e275d

    You can check out Mantic's YouTube channel for the Mecca of wet shaving tutorials: http://www.youtube.com/user/mantic59

    Good luck!
  3. Check out the stickies in the Shave Clinic section, you'll get all your answers there.

    Also, adjustable razors aren't usually recommended for beginners, they just add too many variables to the process. You should keep things as simple as possible at the beginning.
  4. For a razor, I'd suggest the Gillette Slim Adjustable. It's a great razor, and you can get one a fair bit cheaper than a Fatboy. Can probably get a good one for twenty bucks or so, and if you take care of it, it'll probably last longer than you do. That said, even if you do get one, pick one setting (four's a good one), and use only that for at least three months.

    To find a good blade type razor, I suggest ordering the Choice assortment from West Coast Shaving, as well as a few five-packs of Gillette 7 O'clock Sharps. That should cost fifteen, sixteen bucks, and be enough razors to last a year or so, even if you don't use the DORCO ones.

    As for speed, that comes with practice.
  5. Gillette Techs are widely considered a great starter razor because their quite forgiving and mild. But I +1 to the Slim lovers out here, too. It's a great razor.

    Another +1 on the sample pack.
  6. I'm not really used to adjustable razors, so I can't help you with that. What I can do is point you to the most useful thread I've found on B&B:


    Once you're done reading all the pages you'll know all the basics for a comfortable shave. It will take some time to shave fast, though.
  7. Thank you one and ALL for all your excellent advice on razors and blade...like the dample packs...also the shaving tutorials. I appreciate you all very much. I love this forum and will continue to participate.
  8. I would definitely suggest the Slim Adjustable as your first razor if you want an adjustable. The handle is thinner and longer than the handle on the Fatboy, and will be a little more similar to the Sensor handle. Leave it set to 3 for the first few months.

    The other razor I would suggest (if you can do without the adjustability) is the Schick Krona. A highly underrated razor that nonetheless delivers superior shaves.
  9. False premise. Beginners should start with a fixed head, IMO, eg Merkur HD. Adjustables add a layer of complexity into shaving that beginners don't need when they have more important things to get right, ie technique. If you absolutely must have one, get a Futur. But dial it to 1.5 max and leave it there.

    Required reading: Leisureguy's Guide to Gourmet Shaving

    Required viewing: Mantic59's YouTube channel
  10. IMO, the fat handled Gillette Tech is hands down the best razor for a beginner; it's what I gave my son when he expressed an interest in DE shaving.
  11. I started with a Fatboy & continue to enjoy it. This question gets asked all the time & there will never be a firm consensus: Fixed head or adjustable, Vintage or Modern, etc. You will end up trying other razors pretty quickly as RAD will take hold soon enough :)
  12. Gillette slim adjustable, set at 1, that would be a great start. The fatboy is nicer but harder to get.
  13. Gem Jr. 1912. It'll save you a lot of time and effort in your search for the perfect razor.
  14. The later model Schick Injectors are great razors for beginners. Easier to use than a DE and often overlooked as a tool for introduction to wet shaving.
  15. just go ahead and buy a red tip superspeed, then you'd never have to buy another razor ever...

    on a more serious note though...a flare tip or 40s style superspeed would be a great start...I found that handling the blade with a 3 piece is just annoying for me...so I like my trusty TTO razors...the superspeeds are mild and forgiving enough to benefit a green DEer...technique will yield your speed factor as has been mentioned...my average time is 12-15 minutes, why hurry when you're pampering yourself...if I am in a hurry, 8 minutes and i'm done...if I speed any faster than that I end up just regretting it...plus I won't get to faceturbate for the next 5 hours...
  16. Merkur HD.

    I've tried all the "beginner" razors. This has been my personal favorite.
  17. The HD is a great razor to start and finish with. I've use several adjustable Gillettes and Merkurs and always go back to the HD. I think the west coast sample pack is a must. You will be amazed at the differences in blades.
  18. Luc

    Luc Moderator Emeritus

    Mmm, my recommendation would go for a Gillette Tech or Merkur HD, depending on how much you want to invest at the beginning!
  19. new to DE shaving?
    if you are disciplined = slim
    if you are not = tech - fat handle (lighter than ballend)
  20. Since you specifically asked about an adjustable I would say the slim. If not too bothered about that then I would recommend a tech of a Merkur HD.

    Personally I would recommend a non adjustable as your first razor, it is just one less variable to worry about.

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